Is Faith Healing Possible?

Before I never believed in faith healing until I tried it on myself when I realized that it’s really my mental disposition which cured my ailment. I didn’t go to any faith healer but I acted as my own healer. This is what I did… I touched the part of my body where the pain is while I closed my eyes. I prayed with all my sincerity, “I’m healed by the power of God.” Then I was like holding the pain imaginatively with my palm closed as I drove it away to the air. I repeated this process for several days until the pain was really gone.

When I said, mental disposition, for me it means to say I’m preparing myself to believe that I’ll be cured.  When I mentioned the name of God, I mean it’s the mysterious powerful God out there who penetrates in me, purifying all the negative elements inside my body.

This doesn’t mean, I would disregard taking care of my physical health. Continuing, for example, eating unhealthy foods, would bring back the pain to my body and it could be worse that my mental disposition may no longer function due to the terrible agonizing pain.

Physical healing will only last as long you do something good for your body. Due to some unavoidable circumstances where we’re left with no choice such as consuming food with harmful chemical preservatives or inhaling toxic elements from the environment, this is where our mental disposition comes in. We should think that everything’s gonna be alright. We must let worry pass by our minds and trust that God endowed us with this amazing immune system. If you don’t believe in God at all, then research more on the wonders of our immune system and probably you might say that this could be the God Within Us. This is God’s gift for all of us. But like any other gifts, it’s designed to be taken cared of.

P.S. Pero alam mo, sa totoo lang, may mga tao na mahahaba ang buhay nila maski na ano yung kinakain nila. Hindi naman sila nagkakasakit. Kung nagkakasakit man, gumagaling naman sila kaagad. Siguro talagang malakas ang kanilang mental disposition.


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