Luck is for Losers?

Just this morning when I was watching TV, I saw this Pinoy rock singer, wearing T-shirt which says, LUCK IS FOR LOSERS.

That statement struck me. It’s lingering in my mind until I realize it’s true. As I look back into my past, there were times I hoped for luck to fall on me such as winning in lottery or raffle draws. It was like I was tired on life’s unending struggles in order to survive physically in this world. Earning a living, bills to pay, providing for the family and the list goes on… I’m not young anymore yet I still consider myself not having accomplished great things in life which I can be proud of. I even secretly feel my kids are not proud of me. I’m sure they have seen other dads who are rich and able to provide well for their families. I have no doubt my own dad has never been proud of me for I’m not able to make his life and my deceased mom comfortable. For once, I wasn’t even able to treat them for a vacation in a fine hotel or resort.

I can only pinpoint my shortcomings with the way I work. I didn’t work hard enough. I didn’t have focus on what I really want to achieve. Above all, I relied on something more mysteriously powerful than me who is God. For so many times, behind my prayers, I wanted God to empower me and take a special consideration on me. I wanted Him to bestow me with luck of financial blessings so I can finally help other people. Recently, I realize this kind of mentality is wrong. This is for losers.

The winning attitude is the one who works harder, focused on one goal, relying only to self’s will-power, not giving up, persisting not minding how long would it take… The question is. Can I do it in actual situation when day to day reality is hitting me with different kind of tests and challenges?

P.S. Ngayon, sinabihan ko yung sarili ko, “Ano ka? Sinuswerte? Magsumikap ka!”


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