Is there really a God?

Sometimes, it crossed my mind that there’s really no God at all. I mean, this belief on God is just being passed to us from our parents, teachers, priests, pastors or from the people we heard during our childhood.

We pray and call his name but never did we ever see his face nor hear his voice. We never know if this God is a female, male or I guess, gender couldn’t be applied. We call on him with a belief he hears our prayers and grant them. For example, you pray that your mom gets healed from her sickness. If she recovers, we can say God does exist. But if she dies, we would justify her death that it’s God’s will. Although there are a number of scientific factors which would lead to one’s death but we seem to place such unacceptable incident on anyone to God’s mysterious act.

There are atheists and agnostics out there. Some if not most of them live their lives normally. But there are those who are attached to their religions, who can’t let go of their faith even when they realize, at the back of their minds, God hasn’t been good to them. They suffer continuously in spite they haven’t done anything wrong. They still experience unfair outcomes even with their honest to goodness efforts. However, they can’t be angry at God for fear something worse could happen to them. It’s like God can’t be questioned for so doing, would create a negative karmic to their lives.

For those who believe in reincarnation, they say that the unexplained misfortunes in one’s life, if it can’t be traced in this present lifetime, then it could be in the past life. There in the previous lifetime, the person must have done something wrong which wasn’t compensated at that time.

In the internet, there are loads of information saying reincarnation is true while tons of articles can be read as well refuting such belief. The problem remains… Is there really a God? If there is, he must say something and address all these immemorial conflicting statements.

P.S. Kung pupunta ka sa simbahan dito sa Pilipinas, may makikita kang mga tao na grabe yung pagka relihiyoso niya. Pero pag balik niya sa kanyang pamamahay, grabe din ang kanyang pagkasalbahe sa kanyang kapwa tao. Mabuti pa yung hindi pumupunta sa simbahan pero mabuti naman siya sa kanyang pamilya at ibang tao.


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