29. Active, Humble, Pure

“Anak, balik tayo sa twelve pillars. We’re in Active, the fourth one. Before I proceed, I don’t want you to be lost here. Follow everything what you know is the truth. I’ve shown you some of it. Be guided on what’s good for the body, mind, especially on the spiritual part. If you can combine the three with the spirit as the captain of the ship, how powerful you can be! Then you’ll surely become perfect just like Jesus and other spiritual masters who walked in your planet. Alright?”

“Sige po, tay.”

“Active, the fourth pillar. For example, you’re playing computer games in the house but all of a sudden, there’s a commotion outside. You open the window and see a man lying on the street with his blood coming out from his head because he was gunned down by someone. What would you do?”

“Siyempre! I stop on what I’m doing and immediately go out there and see what I can do. I’ll carry the man and put him in the car so I can bring him to the nearest hospital. If I have enough money, I’ll be the one to shoulder the expenses.”

“Ang galing naman! You have identified right away the higher act.”

“Sana I can do it without delay when an incident like that is presented before my eyes.”

“Sana nga, anak… Let’s go to Humble, the fifth pillar. Let’s have Pure as well. Their opposites are pride and lust respectively. These were the downfalls of some religious leaders in our world. Some of them were consistent vegetarians. They had no trace of nicotine and alcohol in their bodies. They carried an enormous positive thinking as expressed in their charismatic words. But why did they die of sickness? Because their immune system was weakened by the negative force of pride. They acted like they were above anyone else.”

“Tay, I needed to hear these words coming from you so I wouldn’t live a life of illusion when the time comes when I’m ready to practice what you’re teaching me.”

“The application of the truths I’ve been discussing is the mission of each and everyone of us. Your life will become an illusion when you think literally that you’re the only one chosen for this mission and no one else. Always bear this in your mind.”

“Opo, tay.”

“Let’s go to the other downfall which is lust. I just want to tell you that lust is a strong dominating negative force which can eventually knock down your immune system. Indulging in sexual activities with different persons will make your body impure. But don’t get me wrong. Sex is God’s gift for all of us which is meant to be used with one’s spouse for the enjoyment of both. Sexual intercourse in any manner is the couple’s freedom. It’s God’s gift for all of us so in this way, it’s not too bad to live in our world while waiting to be reunited with Him in Heaven.”

“Muhkang maganda yung view mo sa sex. Hahaha!”

“Pero yan ang katotohanan. But be freed from your lust. What I mean is be freed with your overindulgence with it. For example, when the husband is no longer satisfied with his wife so he wants to have sex with another woman… My intuition tells me that I must had enough of sexual lust in my previous lifetimes. It didn’t serve me. Now I need enormous extraordinary energy if I serve others. Being pure in thoughts, words and actions will not only give me physical energy, I’ll also acquire universal wisdom and spiritual powers. Being pure makes me truly one with all of living creatures in this universe… Alam mo, anak, I really feel that my soul is so old and very much tired. God is somehow giving me rest with this truth I’m sharing with you. I must sacrifice my lust so I can claim perfect rest when I die. When that happens, God will look at my soul as pure. Then I will finally enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

“Tay, parang I’m getting to know you more and more as we go on with this conversation”

“Karamihan sa atin are old souls. Every time you feel like you’re so exhausted from the struggles of life, it’s an indication you had lived before many times. The solution is straightforward: Suffer. On my end, I must suffer as I deny my carnal desires. After denying successively, I shift to choosing what only serves me for that will be the key in freeing my soul from the bonds of seemingly endless reincarnations.”

“Kung  sasummarize mo itong lahat, what would it take for one to be denied entry in Heaven?”

“Just do the opposite of the twelve pillars and you will reincarnate again and again. Have fear, avoidance, gluttony, laziness, pride, deceit, envy, greed, anger, revenge, violence and lust. Even if one of them is still present within you, when you die, you can’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”


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