27. A Three-part Human Being

“Anak, let’s talk about health naman.”

“Sige po kasi may tanong ako. Kanina pa to sa isipan ko. Is it true that avoiding the consumption of animals contribute to the strengthening of our immune system, leading to good health and long life? Yung mga, vegetarians bah.”

“That question can be answered with the guidance of this universal truth.”

“Ano po yun?”

“That you are a three-part human being. You are physical, mental and spiritual. You are the body, mind and spirit. You are three in one. The three are interconnected with each other. Ibig sabihin, one can’t function well if the other two are not functioning well. The two can’t function well if the other one is not functioning well. So no matter how physically healthy you are, your immune system will still be adversely affected if your mind is filled with fear, anger or worry, which is worse than eating animals, drinking alcohol or smoking cigarette. There are people who enjoy eating any food they like but they live more than eighty years old. They seem to be happy. You can obviously see in their faces.”

“So walang value ang pagiging vegetarian?”

“Meron naman but here’s the problem. Some of them if not most, are so stringent on their diet. They’re cautious, making sure what they eat are all organic.”

“Pero most of our foods are chemically processed so they go organic, trying to avoid cancer.”

“May point ka. But that’s not the whole story. There are also some of them who live, carefully trying to avoid the heat of the sun. They wear sunscreen if they have to go outside during the day. As much as possible, they’re far away from the pollution of the city. So they’re mostly in their air-conditioned four walled structures. For all you know, they become paranoid to the detrimental of their total well being. Thus, they can’t enjoy life anymore. They just can’t trust anymore, not realizing that their spiritual being is the most powerful agent which makes the body and mind follow. Nakuha mo ba yung message dito?”

“Sabihin mo na sa akin, tay?”

“My son, eat and drink right based on what you know. You can be an organic vegetarian if you choose to but it’s not everything to make you truly healthy. Mentally, take it easy. Ibig sabihin, don’t be paranoid as if everything which surrounds you is dangerous. Most of all, trust the power of your spirit. What matters is deep inside your heart and soul, you are at peace and happy. If this is the case, I tell you, you’ll just be fine. Walang mangyayaring masama sayo.”

“Tay, this kind of lesson is very liberating.”

“Mabuti naman, anak. Your spirit is the center of your being. It’s the main driving force of your being which the mind and body follow. God created you in His image and likeness. Your spirit is His image and likeness. So you are God. We are all God.”


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