26. Dreams and Will Power

“Tay, it seems na simple lang yung sinabi mo. You know, unconditional love by helping others, caring and forgiving… Those are universally known but undeniably, it’s easier said than done. But I’m sure there’s more to that. Ibig kong sabihin, there must be some details or shall we say smaller truths which I must learn slowly and progressively. But the question, how am I gonna know those kind of truths?”

“Anak, in the process, you’ll gradually know the truth because I’ve always been your silent guide. But I don’t want to lay all the truths outright at once. You have to discover them one by one and live it so you, yourself, can say that it’s really the truth because it truly serves you well. When those writers felt a mysterious divine presence, it was the time that they actualized the highest version of themselves which is called Superconsciousness which is also God. With that highest state, you know the most essential truths and at the same time, empowered to live based upon it. They reached that level because for so many previous lives, they knew the truth and lived it. They were like resuming what was cut off in their previous lives.”

“Ano po yung na cut off?”

“Siguro in one of their previous lives, they committed the same mistake. What could be their mistake, if I may ask you, my son?”

“They were tempted with the adulation of the world?”

“Tama. Buti naalaala mo. Their spiritual activities like teaching or healing became conditional. In their minds, they were motivated to do those things because of the admiration they got. They were like feeding their egos to the point of getting exalted and even bloated. So they must make sure they wouldn’t fall into this same mistake again in their present lifetimes.”

“Pero hindi naman nila maalaala yung mga previous lives nila. Di ba?”

“There’s no need to remember their past lives. Hindi na kailangan. They just have to know this greatest lesson which I’m sure they know. They just have to live it without exalting themselves.”

Tay, may nabasa rin ako that there are people who said they dreamed about God and there they received Divine messages. Possible at totoo ba yan?

“Dreaming is a special form of communication where a Divine Being can talk to you with or without having previous information during the conversation. But be vigilant with your dreams when you recall them upon waking up. There are only two kinds.”

“Ano po yun?”

“First, a divine dream. Having a dream like that is unmistakable. This happens in order to summon a need for a soul who is confused and thirsty of the real truth. The feeling is grand, strong and high. The experience can’t be forgotten when you wake up.”

“At yung isa?”

“Yun yung mga repressed desires, wishful thinking, hidden agenda, unresolved issues with reality, unrealistic hopes, wanted projections towards self… So the second set of dreams encompasses anything which is outside of the divine. Some are meaningless but some are worthy to be scrutinized in order to understand yourself better. However, don’t get stuck with this type of dream because what’s important is your waking consciousness where you have the ability to make things happen with your will power.”

“This is really a good information, tay. Eto, I should say na parang hindi ko pa to nabasa or narinig sa ibang tao.”


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