25. Conversations with God

“Anak, what I’m trying to point out to you is simply love your neighbors unconditionally. Who are the neighbors? Those whom we encounter face to face on a daily basis. It could be a spouse, parent, kid, sibling, friend, a stranger or anyone whom we have an interaction. If the interaction presents an opportunity for you to care, help or forgive, then do it consistently and willingly with all your heart without expecting in return, no matter who the person is, in relation to his or her nationality, culture, religion or belief. I tell you, it’s your sure ticket to Heaven… I’ve just told you the greatest lesson in achieving true happiness on Earth which will ultimately lead you in going back there with God in Heaven where there’s perfect and eternal joy.”

“Talagang greatest lesson?”

“Yes, my son, in the line of the highest truth. Simply said in one paragraph but not easy to apply. It will take thousands of lifetimes for you to reach that level, if you don’t have a kind of teacher which I’ve mentioned to you a while ago.”

“Puwede ba ikaw na yung teacher ko, tay, at wala ng iba?”

“Oo naman. Of course, if you let me.. If you allow me to continually teach you and if you someday apply all these lessons… But remember the greatest lesson. It summarizes everything. There are many ways on how you can express unconditional love as there are many ways as well on how you can successfully do it. But basically all boils down to Love. Apart from it, there’s nothing more to learn, nor book to read, nor any mission to carry. Literally, all of us here in this world have the same mission.”

“Tay, puwede bang malaman na yung mga mystical encounters mo? Na iintriga talaga ako diyan.”

“Hindi ba sabi ko na when the right time comes, I’ll tell you?”

“Sige po. Pero I have a little idea of what it is. If you don’t wanna tell me now, I need to ask about those people who claimed they experienced a direct revelation from God. You know, those who experienced an apparition of a Divine Being where God said something to them or those people who claimed they spoke with God in waking consciousness which they put His words down into writing… You know, like Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God… ”

“Talagang meron ka ngang idea. Let me tell you this. God knows every detail of those things as He knows every thought, word, action which every person undertakes in our planet. All of the messages contained in any book are correct if they are in the line of the greatest lesson, Unconditional Love. Every book which contains the greatest lesson in one way or the other, teaches the truth. Because of that premise, God spoke to those writers in their subconscious minds. Every person who speaks that truth whether it’s written on paper or not, God is speaking through that person. Since God and human beings are one, then it’s just right that humans must speak the truth in behalf of God.”

“Hhhmmm… You make me think critically, tay.”

“Buti naman. Subconsciousness is where we draw all the learnings we got from our previous lives, from the books we read, from the movies we watched, from the conversations we had with different people, from the teachings we heard from others, from the dreams we had and the list goes on and on… So when our minds are able to dissect the finest truths from all those innumerable factors, then we’re like talking to ourselves and confirming it to ourselves as well. In the conversations that God had with those writers, that what just happened. They were able to access the storage of their subconsciousness, talked it out and confirmed it with themselves. But then again, here’s the larger picture. When we know the truth, then we know God. Since God and human are one, then it’s right to say that those writers were both talking to themselves and to God as He was talking to them.”


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