24. Love your Enemy

“Anak, let’s go to one of the most valuable lessons I learned from the Bible.”

“Sige, tay. Sa totoo lang, I used to bring the Bible with me every where I go kasi sabi nila suwerte daw. Hehehe! Pero it’s not true after all. I believe there’s no such thing as luck. Meron siguro pero pure chance lang siguro. What I believe is really hard work which would get you anywhere you wanna go.”

“Tama yan, anak. Tama yan. You’re really a realist. Well, keep it up but I want you to see the other side that there’s so much more on what we see, hear and smell. There’s what we think and feel. Katulad na lang ng unconditional love. We don’t actually see it but we feel it. In fact, this is our ticket to heaven.”

“Isa pa yang heaven. Hindi naman natin makikita yan!”

“For now, I agree with you. But when we die, our spirit goes there. And there we’ll see everything in absolute manner. God would then ask us if we’re ready to rejoin Him. If the answer is yes, then we come back there forever in perfect happiness. If the answer is no, then we reincarnate and learn the lesson again which is the lesson of consistent unconditional love. But there’s something which we should be guided.”

“Ano po yun?”

“Exalting oneself is usually the pitfall of the so called unconditional lovers in this world.”

“Hhmm… Parang familiar yata yang sinabi mo. Pero go ahead, tay. Tell me more.”

“Let’s have Jesus in our discussion. The vision of Jesus was clear which was to be like God. To be like God is to spiritually evolve ourselves in the highest level and then help others achieve what we have achieved without expecting in return, not even admiration.”

“Hindi katulad sa mga ibang religious leaders diyan na ang hanap na man ay para sumikat.”

“Sinabi mo pa! So many of those leaders are tempted with the adulation of the world. They focus more on displaying their spiritual abilities instead of teaching. They enjoy the good feeling of being given special recognition due to their claimed powers like healing for example. Healing is part of the educational process in order to make us realize the power of the mind. What the mind strongly believes, the body will follow. However, that’s not the end of it. They forget to teach the same principle in the acts of forgiveness and compassion. There are others who say that forgiving unconditionally is very hard. Let’s say a man who witness his fiancée brutally murdered in front of him. Do you think he can stop himself from taking the act of revenge?”

“Eh sino ba naman na hindi mapipilitang maghigante?”

“Talagang mahirap na hindi maghigante. That’s if you’re not taught that the mind can also be trained to forgive unconditionally. Again, what the mind thinks and believes, the body will follow. If you know that loving unconditionally through the deed of forgiveness is your ticket to Heaven, then you wouldn’t resort to the act of revenge. Instead, the best thing you can do is to pray for the murderer to be enlightened and change his ways. And if you know that the police has imprisoned the murderer, you go there and show your unconditional forgiveness by releasing him from his cell.”

“Ang hirap na man yan, tay.”

“Talagang mahirap. However, that certain attitude can be learned if you’re a highly and spiritually evolved person which is only possible if someone has taught and helped you achieve that level. This could have been the focus of the works of those religious leaders.”

“Kaya pala tinuro ni Jesus, ‘You have heard that it was said, Love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.’

“Good job, anak! Na memorize mo yata yang passage sa gospel of Matthew. Good job!”

“Tay, talagang ma mememorize ko yan kasi every Holy Week yata pinapanood mo yung The Passion of the Christ.”

“Oo nga nuh!”


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