23. The Most Influential People

“Alam mo, tay, you never fail to amaze me with your words. Siguro yun ang palagi kong tatandaan, yung mga sinabi mo… Having said that, there’s someone who said, hindi ko lang matandaan ko sino. Basta sabi niya na, the most most powerful persons in this world are the writers or authors, whatever they’re called. Basta sila yung mga taong na may pinakamalaking influence to the way we think and do things. Kasi ikaw nga, with our conversations, slowly you’re influencing with the way I see things now and it’s just a matter of time, I apply those things in my day to day life.”

“Anak, I agree with you. Sino bang tao na hindi natin makakalimutan even we never saw him, even we never heard him speak, even he existed more than two thousand years ago?”

“Si Jesus Christ po.”

“Although he didn’t write anything but because of his disciples who wrote down what he said, his words remain to be very influential to an estimated 2.4 billion Christians. Ganun din sa mga Muslims. Muhammad’s words, written by his followers, continue to influence the growing adherents of Islam of an estimated 1.8 billion. And I guess, this is my greatest gift for you, my son. My words… Although these words are also the things I’ve learned from the books I read, from the people I’ve heard and from the experiences I gained including mystical encounters.”

“Hah? Ano po yung mystical encounters? Can you tell me what they are?”

“It’s a long story, anak. Someday, in the right order of time. I’ll tell you.”

“Bakit hindi puwede ngayon?”

“According to the Bible, which is considered to be the best selling of book of all time… You can read this in Ecclesiastes. It says, there’s a time for everything. With our conversations, there’s a time to disclose what I know like what I’m doing right now with you since yesterday. But there’s also a time which I’d rather keep in silence these mystical encounters to myself. But time will come I’ll speak about it to you.”

“Ok po tay. Teka! Pero di ba sabi mo kahapon na ang Bible was written by playful creative imaginative people. Why it seems you’re influenced by the words of the Bible?”

“In the book of Genesis, there are lot of stories there which are myths. Hindi ba sinabi ko rin sayo na science had long disproved the claim of authors on the creation story?”


“But it doesn’t mean there’s no truth in the Bible. In fact, there are a lot of timeless and universal lessons you can learn from that book. Sa totoo lang, the Gospels have the most influence on me.”


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