21. The Biggest Fan

“Tay, mukhang ngayon ko lang nakita yang t-shirt na sinuot mo ah!”

“Siyempre, anak! I’m a big fan of Manny Pacquiao. Nung tinalo niya si Matthysse last Sunday, napahanga niya ako muli. He still got the knock out power punch at 39 years old.”

“Oo nga nuh! Pero parang mismatch yata yun kasi takot naman si Matthyse. He wasn’t like Jeff Horn who was in full battle against Pacquiao last year.

“Whatever is said and done, what matters Manny symbolizes a good example of a man who has a great spirit to get back on his feet and win again. Pero I’m more of a big fan of his wife, Jinkee.”

“Uh! Bakit naman? Hindi ba mas maganda at mas sexy pa yata si Inay kaysa kanya?”

“Hahaha! Oo naman. What I’m trying to say is this. Remember, Manny was caught several times having extra-marital affairs yet Jinkee never failed to forgive him. In that way, she knew how to win this big game of life which God devised. She knew that if she keeps on forgiving not only Manny but as well others, it’s her ticket to Heaven when she will die. Then she rejoins with God back as pure energy. When that time comes, she becomes God’s perfect duplicate. Only then will God be able to declare saying, “I have finally achieved my goal for you, Jinkee. Come and be finally reunited with me in eternal joy.”

“Pano naman hihiwalay si Jinkee kay Manny? Eh, sobrang yaman na nila dahil sa pag boboxing ni Manny! Even if she catches him again with another woman, it would be easy to forgive him. You know what I mean, tay?”

“I know what you mean. But someone told me that even when Manny wasn’t yet rich and famous many years ago, he already committed adultery yet Jinkee had long proven that her love and forgiveness for him never change through the test of time.”

“Hindi ba ganun naman din si Inay sa yo?”

“My son, I’m supposed to say that I’m the biggest fan of your mother.”

“Hehehe! I knew you would say that.”

“No kidding! Even before we got married, I had sinned against her but she keeps on forgiving me unconditionally even up until now. Before, I used to question God’s existence every time I was down. But looking at her on how she truly loves me consistently, I see God in her. I realize that all the while God is just besides me. He’s always been in front of me. In fact, I feel His loving touch through your mom.”


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