20. Sorry po!

“Therefore, be a creator in the truest sense, for it’s our image and likeness of God. So when we’re consistently a creator until our last breath, our spirits leave the body. Then finally God will examine our spirits if we become His perfect duplicate. If we pass having successfully won this great game, then we rejoin back with Him in Heaven as pure energy. The difference is, there’s no loser. When a man dies, not able to be a consistent creator, he can be considered as a temporary loser. But after many lifetimes, he will eventually win. The act of sharing food is just one of the ways you can create happiness. Sharing of knowledge to others is the most sublime act of creation. In this way, you create the experience of lasting happiness because you’ll provide humanity the gateway to be liberated from ignorance.”

“Katulad ng ginagawa mo sa akin na nagtuturo?”

“Yes, anak. When you learn great truths like what we’re discussing, you immediately know what to prioritize in your daily actions. For example, instead of studying on how to come up with another more hi-tech software, how about you go out there and be with your friend to teach him the benefits of forgiving his enemy. The enemy, having been forgiven, will be deeply touched as conversion takes place. The results are the same: harmony and peace. But this act of knowledge sharing is so great that it doesn’t only promote lasting harmony and peace but it reverberates from one individual to another until every single human being learns the greatest secret in winning the game. And that is Unconditional Love.”

“Tay, sandali lang jijingle muna ako.”


“Ay putang ina! Sorry po! Na tamaan ko tuloy ang kape mo. Hala! Nabasa ang t-shirt at panatalon mo! I’m really sorry, tay.”

“I forgive you unconditionally no matter what you said and did and no matter you didn’t say and didn’t do. That’s unconditional love.”

“Ang galing mo naman, tay, magsalita para kang makata. But really, I’m so sorry.”

“That’s alright. Let’s take a break for a while. Magpapalit lang ako ng damit.”

“Sige po. I’ll now go to the c.r..


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