19. The Act of Sharing

“Anak, gusto kong ulitin tong lesson na ito by adding some words and revising a little bit so you wouldn’t forget as this is one of the greatest lessons in history you’ll ever have. It’s up to you if you believe in this. What’s important is I’m simplifying everything. Why do you have to confuse yourself when there’s an easy way to understand something? If you trouble yourself to research more, it doesn’t give you any benefit when what matters most is spiritual evolution. You just have to gain little knowledge. I know it’s been said that little knowledge is dangerous but what’s more dangerous is you get stuck in gaining more knowledge when you don’t anymore move from there to spiritual evolution. God doesn’t want our diplomas, master degrees or phd’s. He only wants us to be like Him.”

“Tay, para yatang natamaan mo ako diyan. Pero hindi ba sinabi ko naman sayo na I like listening to you because I know you’re telling the truth. Besides, it saves me a lot of time. All I have to do is sit here and listen.”

“Pero continue to question me if you have to.”

“In fact, marami pa po akong mga tanong. Yung iba, expressions lang ng aking doubting mind.”

“I see. Going back… From the earliest living matter to the emergence of the first human beings, the mental and spiritual components were already there but just underdeveloped. The spiritual aspect is the final stage where the focus is making our planet Earth a better place to live. Of course, you need the collaboration of your physical and mental parts to help the spiritual part fulfill its function. Like what the man would do when he starts to share his food. He can’t share food if he doesn’t have food in the first place. He can’t get food if he doesn’t have the knowledge of getting it. Nevertheless, humanity needed not to create anything.”

“Ha? Pero sabi mo we should create!”

“Anak, I was able to say, humanity needed not to create anything, in order to get your attention and true understanding. Most humans thought that a person who invented something, like of a cellphone, he’s already hailed as the creator. That’s why I said man needed not to create anything. Of course, people who invented devices and other technologies are worthy to be praised. But then again, they needed not to create anything. What I mean, our work must not to invent another technology. Our mission is to be a creator in the truest sense. So when I advise you not to create anything, it means you don’t create a thing, which is made up of material objects. What you will create is experience like the man doing the act of sharing his food to another man. What’s the experience created thereafter the act of sharing?”


“After successive generosity, what follows?


“When the act is consistent, what’s the ultimate result?”


“Pasado ka na sa bar exam, anak.”

“Hahaha! Akala ko God doesn’t need our diploma!”

“Oo nga noh! Hahaha!”


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