18. The Last phase of Self-duplication

“Tay, tingnan ko kung nakuha ko ba to. In the physical stage, man’s instinct was to survive and so it was just natural for him to fight. You’re saying when the man realized that it’s better to share than to fight, his mind began to develop and evolve from geed to kindness. And if he actually shares his food with another man, he would feel happy where his spirit evolves which keeps him to continue sharing because it makes his world a better place to live.”

“Mabuti naman, anak, nakuha mo. The feeling of happiness causes man’s spirit to evolve where he fully realizes his true image. And that’s being a Creator just like God. Unless humanity will reach into that level, he will continue to reincarnate in order to be refined and complete the last phase of self-duplication. So to summarize in a different manner, when matter is evolved into a human being having intellect and free will, that was the stage where the physical evolution is completed. From then, what commenced is the mental evolution where man gained knowledge through experiences. In our example a while ago, the knowledge about sharing drives the man to act on it especially when he witnessed the difference between greed and kindness and its effects respectively. It was where the feeling of happiness is born which paves the onset of spiritual evolution. It is when his image of being a creator is actualized. Being a creator and living into this image consistently, more positive energies are born such as harmony and peace.”

“Pero, tay, hindi ko yata nakuha on what’s the last phase of self-duplication?

“Being a creator. The last phase of self-duplication is being a creator. You just have to be consistent being a creator until you die. When man starts to share, he begins to create. What does he create? He creates the feeling of happiness. Happiness is created not made. When I say creation, it comes out of nowhere using no materials. Like pure magic.”


“Aha, it is. Sharing gives birth to a positive energy which is happiness. Then followed by another positive energy which is harmony. Then followed by another positive energy which is peace. Nakita mo ba yung flow?”

“Opo. It’s getting clearer. At least naintindihan ko na on what does to take for man to be a creator kagaya ng Diyos.”

“The last phase of self-duplication is nailed down when there’s consistency of the flow of creation no matter what the circumstances are. When we keep holding into this manner, then we have truly become God’s image and likeness. Not just His image, we become like Him. Not just like Him but a total perfect duplicate of Himself.”

“Ano pa bang masabi ko, tay, at least there’s logic itong fairy tale mo. Hahaha!”

“Anak, hindi pa tayo tapos. Talagang mahaba habang inuman to. But this time, it’s coffee and pandesal. Ay, hindi pala puwede sa akin another round of coffee. One cup a day is enough kasi if I go beyond, tataas na naman ang blood pressure ko.”

“Of course, moderation is the key.”


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