17. The First Human Beings

“Anak, when God created us, all He had in mind is friendship. And when you’re a friend with each other, there’s happiness and harmony. However, the first human beings deviated and instead, they destroyed themselves with negative energies such as greed, anger, deceit, envy, revenge as fear is the source of them all. Because of those negative energies, they become separated from God.”

“In other words, tay, they were never God’s image and likeness. He must had regretted His first creations.”

“Hindi ba sabi ko sayo that regret is never in his system? It was just a realization that the process of self-duplication wasn’t yet completed. Witnessing the first human beings in the land were fully developed only in the physical aspect. It’s just one of the three components for the other two are mental and spiritual. So after the completion of human physical evolution, God examined closely the mind. There He began to learn that it needed more exposure to different experiences so humanity can see the difference.”

“Bigyan mo nga ako ng example.”

“Sandali lang. Man, by nature, is designed to survive because basically, God’s intention is to complete the process of self-duplication. He started it so He must finish it until the goal is achieved. Eto na ang example… Let’s take the case of a hungry man. He will find a way to eat so he can survive at least for the day. So he will hunt for food. His instinct tells him that what he sees as edible, he will eat. If something blocks his way of doing it, he will struggle or even resort to fighting until he gets the food. Now here comes another human being who has enough supply of food which that man discovers. The act of stealing naturally occurs. Since the other human being has the same instinct, he will also fight to protect his food until one of them dies. The robber learns something. He would somehow say these words to himself, ‘Whew! That was so stressful! What if next time, I’ll just ask and he might give some part of the food he has. No one has to suffer and perish. The same thing can happen to me in the next coming days. Nature may be kind to me that I can find plenty of food. But another human can steal what I’ll have. So if he’s about to steal, I’ll just tell him that if he wants food, I’m ready to share what I have.’ The learning is the act of sharing. In this event, he saw the difference which evolves his mind. Furthermore, when he actually started to share, he realized, this is a better path because he would feel truly happy as he sees the world to be a beautiful place to live without fear and worry.”


2 thoughts on “17. The First Human Beings

  1. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it. I hope you continue to follow the conversations between the father and son. Hopefully, you can see the bigger picture of the creation’s story and its ultimate destination. God bless you…

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