16. Did God regret in creating us?

“Gusto ko lang sabihin, tay, na para sa akin, I mean I just wanna tell you my personal thoughts about everything. Of course, I believe in evolution because it’s most widely accepted by scientists but putting God into the picture is still, for me, based on man’s imagination. Eh ikaw nga, you admitted yourself kanina na itong mga sinasabi mo ay may halong imagination.”

“Ano pang gusto mong sabihin?”

“By nature kasi, ang tao are bound to hold on to our beliefs on what has been taught to us since childhood. It’s so hard to deviate on what has been ingrained in our minds by our religion teachers in school and by the priests in the church. Kasi pag binitiwan mo yung paniniwala at hindi ka na naniniwala na mayroong Diyos, baka merong masamang mangyari sa yo. You know, bad karma bah. So because of that fear, we continue to believe in God. Pero tay, sorry ha, I interrupted you but please go on kasi nag enjoy naman ako sa mga fairy tales mo. Parang bed time story bah!”

“Hahaha! You can always express what’s on your mind and interrupt me anytime. Anyway, to continue… After God had seen this matter evolving into a fully developed human being, He detached from it for a while. He intently gazed at it and undeniably, He was so pleased of what He had magically done. But the question is… Was he able to to accomplish His goal which was to create a perfect duplicate of Himself? The answer is no. Remember, after the feeling of boredom, it gave birth to His insatiable desire. However, this desire persisted. When the first human beings were walking over the land, He wasn’t convinced they were truly His image and likeness because in the first place, they didn’t even act like a friend to each other. His first creations went out of quality control. The instinct of survival and self-preservation dominated their intellect and free will. So He continued to be detached from them and examined His blueprint on where He missed. He realized, He transformed something He didn’t expect to happen. He gave them the intellect because He wanted them to be fully aware and understand their being a God in a human form. In that way, they can be well pleased also as He felt when He finished developing them. He gave them the free will so they could choose without fear to be His friend.”

“So parang nag regret ang Diyos after seeing His masterpiece displayed a behavior way out of His image?”

“Well, ang reget ay hindi puwede ma apply sa ating Panginoon. Good thing you mentioned about God’s image. Don’t forget this. God’s image is fundamentally a creator. When you used the word regret, He can’t relate with that. It’s one of the very few feelings which never got into His system. But He understands every feeling a human goes through as He feels them too as we all come from Him. The only difference is He doesn’t live in the feeling. He just let it pass by because it’s not who He is. Being a creator, all that He has is about positive energy.”


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