15. How did God create the Human Being?

“So balik tayo dito sa boredom, anak… That was the kind of feeling which God experienced being alone as pure energy for so long. What He did after was a breakthrough. For the very first time, He allowed Himself to be duplicated at that time for the reason He wanted a companion, not just any companion, but a perfect one, equally like Him, like a friend.”

“Pero ito pa ay isang Energy which we were once a part of it.”

“Tama. God realized thereafter the self-duplication, boredom immediately vanished. He then saw Himself having streams of rays. They were dancing. He looked closely and observed their blinking radiance. However, He recognized they were not perfect duplicates of Himself. So He made another set of duplicates yet still, the result was the same. He repeated the process, refining His methods yet still, they were all the same. They all seemed to appear like copycats. Another feeling came up. Insatiable Desire. He couldn’t think of any other way until He decided to see these rays take a form, hoping He would satisfy His desire for them to be perfectly identical of Himself. For it to be successful, He prepared Himself to take a form as well in the form of an Air. So together with His dancing rays, they transformed into air, yet the energy is still there within them as their main identity. Then God stared at them but He couldn’t help but noticed they lacked something He couldn’t identify. Until He came up with an idea. Flesh. Flesh but without yet the bones. It was something which can be physically touched.”

“Ang galing mo naman, tay, na mag imbento ng ganyang klaseng istorya! Hahaha!”

“Anak, if you notice, I’m talking about evolution. This is actually the progression of God’s creation pero hinaloan ko lang ng aking imagination so you would somehow see the bird’s-eye view and easily understand right away, without going into lengthy scientific or philosophical details.”

“Ah, ok. Sige po. Continue…”

“But before flesh came into reality, God had to prepare their location because they were then moving into the level of assuming a physical body, called Matter. So the universe naturally followed His creation. Then He had to arrange the harmony and order of all its contents especially the solar system because the planet earth would serve their dwelling place. So evolving from the earliest living matter to cells, sponges, worms, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, primates, monkeys and apes up until the full development of His masterpiece. The Human Being.”

“The Homo Sapiens.”

“Exactly. To quickly summarize the creation story of God and man… From Energy to a stream of Rays then to Matter evolving into a fully developed Human being…

“That’s it? Gunun ka simple?

“That’s it, my son. Of course, hindi ganun ka simple but I don’t have to add more. You may forget the lesson. You may not get the message.”


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