14. The Story of Creation

“Anak, kung mukhang malalim o mabigat yung mga sinasabi ko, we’re just getting warmed up.”

“Bring it on. Hehehe!”

“So be it! Going back when I said that before the creation of everything, God was all alone as pure energy. He then began to feel something. He got bored.”

“Bored? Hahaha! Saan ka naman makakarining na ang Diyos pala ay nabobored din?”

“Saan pa? Eh sa akin! Anyway, when God was alone for so long as pure Energy, naturally He got bored. Simple as that. So He decided to play and have fun and see what would it be like. From there, He had to create the universe first until planet Earth came into existence where we and the rest of humanity live to play His game. In His eyes, we’re all pleasing as we’re His most special creatures. Like any other artists in the world such as painters, musicians, writers or inventors, they have their own masterpieces which they can proudly claim and declare, ‘This one is my favorite!’ So it’s the same with God. We are His favorites as we’re the only creatures in this vast boundless universe whom He labeled as His Image and Likeness. Look at ourselves. We can converse intelligently unlike the animals. A chicken, pig, cow, fish or any animal can’t do what we do not even the highly trained dog or monkey can match a bit with what we do. Most of all, we have the gift of free will.”

“Here we go again with this free will.”

“We have to bring this up again because free will is what separates us from all other things He created. This is what makes us special. Unlike the rest of His creations, we can either play along this game of life and follow His rules or we can totally disregard His guidance. If we don’t follow His instruction, we already know what will happen eventually which is leading to misery and seemingly endless reincarnations. One more thing, we’re the only creatures who reincarnate.”

“Kung totoo man na itong buhay natin ay parang isang laro na ginawa ng Diyos at tayo nga ay pinaglaroan lang Niya, I must say this kind of game He devised is extremely difficult and no one succeeds the first time. One lifetime isn’t enough to finish and win this.”

“No human had lived one lifetime. Everyone of us took more than a thousand lives before achieving spiritual perfection… Uh! Parang yung mukha mo ay biglang nasira! Hahaha!”

“Kasi, tay, a thousand lives and spiritual perfection are another heavy topics.”

“Alam ko. Let’s put those things aside for a while.”


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