12. Pure Energy

“Tay, talagang hindi ko to malilimutan na nagkausap tayo ng ganito kahaba since yesterday. I really appreciate your time. I think we never had this kind of conversation before until now. Salamat talaga, tay.”

“Anak, huwag ka munang magpasalamat. We still have a lot of things to talk about unless you have something to do.”

“I have all the time this week.”

“That’s good. So to continue… When God created the first human beings, they didn’t appear as what you normally know of. They were another forms of energy like God, being duplicated. They didn’t have physical forms. They were like vibrations from God.”

“When you said, the first human beings, are we talking in numbers?”

“No. I have to use the word, first, so your mind would be focused on the beginning of time. Besides, we’re discussing about infinite things and there’s no way you can contain what I’m telling you if I describe exactly the first human beings. In truth, the subject about the beginning of time can’t be fathomed by a human mind whose understanding is measured and limited. But for the sake of giving you a glimpse of the great truths such as these, I have to use words which are measurable like first and beginning. Nagkakaintindihan ba tayo?

“Opo, tay. So yung story about the creation of Adam of Eve, hindi pala totoo yun?”

“If you mean that God directly created man and woman like what you see right now, then hindi totoo yan. Adam and Even became Adam and Eve after undergoing a process of evolution. But before the start of evolution, there was energy. So the first human being is a big energy which is a replica of God. We were all part of that.

“So we existed billions of years ago?”

“Could be zillions but to satisfy your intellect, yes. When we will rejoin with God in Heaven, back as pure energy, we will understand everything in absolute manner. By that time, words are no longer used as our existence in Heaven will be about experience.”

“Mukha yata hindi ko pa narining or nabasa itong klaseng teaching.”

“So ngayon alam mo na. Remember this. Before the creation of the first human beings and before the creation of the universe, God was all alone as pure energy. You can then imagine His existence, in solitariness, to be going on, beyond forever. It was then when He began to feel something. Again, just a reminder, do not be fixated about these words because if you take me literally, you would never stop questioning me.”

“Ok po.”

“I’m using limited words of our English language so I can penetrate your mind as you get my message. After all, it’s the message I want to give you. Yes, I give you knowledge, learning and its truths but more than that, it is the message. The message is for you to realize later in our conversation that our destination as a human being is guaranteed to be going back to Heaven as pure energy.”


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