11. The Most Wonderful Dream

“Pero, tay, I still can’t fully understand why God have to do all these complicated things. If I were God, I would have never created everything and just remain as an energy as the way it was. Kasi parang ginugulo lang tayo ng Diyos. It’s just too much of a hassle with this birth, death at ang walang katapusang reincarnation.”

“Anak, let me share to you the most wonderful dream I had. Matagal na yun pero hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin makalimutan… I was arguing with a certain man. We were in high negative emotions. We were fighting until I was taken by this light just like the light you mentioned in your dream. But it was a bit different because it was like a powerful laser beam which hit my chest. Then suddenly I was taken up in the air through the clouds where I felt good. Not just good but it was indescribably beautiful. I thought I was in Heaven. It was a feeling I never felt before. The perfect word to describe it is Bliss or Nirvana. I thought I became one with the source of Energy. It was like I became one with the Creator. I became one with God. I felt like I saw everything. I became God so to speak. Then I was awakened because I was bitten by a mosquito.”

“Was it a literal kind of dream or symbolic?”

“My son, it was a literal dream. I think God gave me an experience of how it is to be in Heaven and how it is be one with God. But when I was bitten by a mosquito, I was back into reality. But the point is, I saw the difference. I would have never described that dream as beautiful, bliss or nirvana if I haven’t been a human before being a total God. After that dream, I began to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. Even I encounter problems, I go on because I’m looking forward for that day when I leave this world and be finally rejoined with Him forever in perfect happiness.”

“So parang nagwiwish ka na mamatay so you can finally go to Heaven?”

“Hindi naman sa ganun. You’re the reason why I go on with my life. Your brother and your mom.. You’re all the reasons why I’m still here, hanging on. I must continue living because I know you need me. Kaya nga nag uusap tayo so I can teach these higher truths in life to you. Pag wala ako, sinong magtuturo sayo? I’m not even sure if you listen to other people but I’m sure you would listen to me as what you’re doing now, all because ako ang tatay mo. Even if you continue to question me or even you won’t believe me at all, I know you wouldn’t forget all these words I say because I’m your full blooded father.”


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