10. Why do we Dream?

“Good morning, tay.”

“Good morning, anak. Kumusta yong tulog mo?”

“Buti natanong mo yan because I had a weird dream. I was dreaming I was walking along with my girlfriend. We’re so happy, holding hands with each other. We’re at a children’s playground. We’re sliding, swinging and playing around the green fields. Pero bigla na lang kinuha ako ng isang ilaw. It was like a ray of light from the sun. I was separated from her. Hindi ko na maalaala what happened after. The last thing I can remember, I was brought back when I saw her waiting for me. She was relieved to have found me. She embraced me and said, ‘It’s alright. Nandito lang ako.’

“Halika! Mag kape at pandesal muna tayo. Maiinit pa yan. Kabibili ko lang yan kanina.”

“Thank you po.”

“Let me tell you about dreams. Dreaming is God’s way for us to pause for a while in this long journey of life towards Heaven. When you’re so tired of life’s struggles and problems, God lets us fall into sleep and dream. Sometimes in our dreams, God gives us messages so we won’t be lost in our way of going back there in Heaven. It can’t be denied what God had created, the universe especially we, human beings and put us in some sort of a game in this planet Earth, isn’t easy at all. I must say, this kind of game is complicated. Pag natutulog tayo, it’s a time for our minds to be opened that we’re like emptying our cups so we can receive answers from a Higher Source. It’s that time when we realize we can’t make through life if there’s no one who will give us direction in this big maze.”

“So what’s the connection with what you just said to the dream I had last night? Ibig mo bang sabihin na merong message ang Diyos na gusto niyang iparating sa akin?”

“Of course, there is! There are two kinds of dreams. One is literal and the other one is symbolic. Parang yung panaginip mo ay literal and at the same time, symbolic. Hindi ba more than two years na kayo ng girlfriend mo? At hindi ba masaya na man kayong dalawa? Alam ko na mayroon kayong problema minsan pero overall, ok naman kayo. Tama ba ako, anak?”

“Opo. Talagang very observant ka, tay, sa buhay ko. Hehehe!”

“Well, I should be, because you’re my son, my beloved son. In your dream, God is somehow telling you that your girlfriend is actually the manifestation of His presence into your life. If you still question His existence, then just be fully aware of your girlfriend’s love for you. Every time you feel she loves you, you should realize God loves you through her. Since we’re all created in His image and likeness, it follows to say that she’s also like God. Nakuha mo ba, nak, on what I’m trying to say?”

“Nakakatuwa na man yan, tay, if that’s the case. You’re making your own teaching and it seems like you’re oversimplifying everything.”

“I’m just connecting the dots and following what’s logical. But when you’re taken by the sun’s light, it symbolizes God’s tests on you such as the problems you encounter on a daily basis. But it doesn’t mean He doesn’t love you. In fact, He loves you still. Even if you commit sins, He’s still waiting for your coming back as represented when your girlfriend said, ‘It’s alright. Nandito lang ako.’

“Ang cute naman ng interpretation mo sa dream ko.”



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