9. Forgiveness

“My son, I tell you, human life is like a game. There are rules to follow. For you to win, you have to live without fear. And when it happens consistently until you die, God will cut the repetitive cycles of reincarnation as He invites you to finally rejoin with Him in Heaven where there’s perfect joy and peace without end.”

“Eh, pano naman mabuhay na walang takot, tay? Ang dami na ngang problema! Ako, hindi ko nga alam na paglabas ko bukas, I might get hit by a motorcycle. It would be better to die instantly than to suffer with broken bones and painful wounds.”

“I know that’s a reality but you have to prove yourself that you live your life without fear. They key is to live in unconditional love which is expressed in kindness and forgiveness no matter what others do to you. Unless you do it, you’ll reincarnate again and again which will then become hell, living in this world.”

“So ibig mong sabihin, yung nakasagasa sa akin, papatawarin ko? Hindi ako lalaban? I won’t file a case against the driver?”

“Ganun na nga.”

“Ang hirap naman nyan! If that’s the scenario, then I’m not giving him a lesson. I must file a case or demand to be paid. If not, baka magiging abusado siya! Then he continues to drive recklessly, thinking he can get away. Then what he did to me, he could also do to others. You get my point, tay?”

“Alam mo, anak, with the way you answer, it’s an indication that in your previous life, you didn’t practice the virtue of forgiveness. You were engrossed of your physical survival. And possibly din, sa dati mong buhay, you were only concerned of satisfying your wants and needs. Well, you were just exercising your free will. Free will is always within all of us. It can never be taken away. But you chose a path which delayed your coming back with God in Heaven. So it means if you won’t forgive those who hurt you in this present life until you die, you’ll reincarnate again. But you don’t have to remember your previous life in order to learn your lesson. The fact that every time you’re confronted in this present life with a situation where you’ll be tested whether to forgive or not, that’s already saying that the practice of forgiveness is something you had not done before in your previous life. So you have to forgive now so you can finally learn and when you do it consistently until you die, you won’t reincarnate again. Forgiveness, of course, isn’t the only thing you have to do. There’s being kind, compassionate, truthful and other good traits.”

“Tay, parang sumakit yung ulo ko. Napa sobrahan yata ang pag inom ko nitong red wine.”

“Isa pa yan! Drink moderately. Doing all things in moderation is one of the good traits. Anyway, let’s take a rest. It’s getting late. Before we end this conversation, let me state the highlight of our lesson for today. The image of God is unconditionally loving which forgiveness is one of its expressions. So eternal damnation in hell isn’t applicable. That’s why God gives us endless chances through reincarnation. In the same way, we have to forgive others for so by doing, we become like Him. We should be like Him as we’re created in His image and likeness. I guess that’ll be all for today. Good night, my son. Bukas na naman.”

“Thanks, tay. Good night po.”


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