8. This World is like Hell

“Tay, napansin ko na mukha yata maikli yung mga sagot mo sa akin. I want longer answers and explanations.”

“Anak, I must give you the simplest answers and at the same time, the shortest explanation possible so my statements would not lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation. In this way, hopefully, you won’t forget these lessons. If you’re not satisfied with my answers, that’s where your journey continues. What I’m saying here is not the end but the beginning of the search for your own truth. I’m sharing to you my truths which serve me well.”

“My next question, why did God create the universe especially we, human beings?”

“Baka hindi mo magustuhan ang sagot ko diyan kasi God just want to play a game.”

“HAH! Sobra na man yan!”

“If I tell you, you must have been reincarnating maybe a thousand lives before, baka mas grabe yan. Di ba?”

“How would I know I’ve been reincarnating for many times?”

“It’s not important to know your previous lives. In fact, that’s one of the violations to the rules of the game which God devised.”

“Mukhang hindi na to maganda, tay. It seems like God is making fun of us. I’m fully aware that all of us have free will. And because of this free will, we’re free to choose whether to do good or evil. Eh, sino bang nagbigay ng free will nito? I’m sure you’ll say it’s God. And because of this free will, we’re tempted to do bad things. And if I die a bad man, of course, it’s not right for me to go to Heaven. So I reincarnate, assuming another human body. Since this free will can’t be taken away from me, I might be tempted to choose to do bad things again which would lead me to failure and when I die, I’ll reincarnate again. And how can I ever learn my lesson when I’m not allowed to remember our past mistakes from our previous lives? This could have been easier, if once and for all God would forgive us all unconditionally and cut this reincarnation crap! Kasi pag hindi to gagawin ng Diyos, eh parang nasa impyerno na tayo dito sa mundo na pabalik balik. Alam mo naman ang mundo, ang daming problema. Hunger, sickness, poverty, drugs, robberies, killings, rape! May sunog pa! Bagyo, baha, lindol and the list goes on and on… Tay, this world is like hell. We’re like eternally doomed here!”

“I hear you, my son. Na iintindihan kita. For those who don’t know the higher truths in life, this world is hell. Even an ordinary man would feel it. He wakes up every day and has to struggle to work in order to get paid so he can buy food and pay his debts and bills. Not only that, he’s continuously confronted with the temptations of his flesh such as anger, greed, envy and lust. And he’s been living this kind of same life for many years as if the struggle never ends. Kaya nga may iba diyan nag papakamatay na lang. Tapos lahat ang problema! Anong magagawa natin? May mga tao na naniniwala na isa lang naman ang buhay natin dito sa mundo. There’s no heaven nor hell. There’s even no God. So its just right to take your own life if you can’t take it anymore.”


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