7. Pure Magic

“Anak, wag kang mag alala. To question something is natural. In fact, you should always question on what’s presented to you, so at the end what you accept is what really satisfies your mind based on logic and sound reasoning. In other words, everything should make sense to you. And you shouldn’t be afraid to challenge a supposed truth presented upon you. It’s their truth. What about your truth? Dapat tanongin mo yung sarili mo? Totoo ba to? Do some quick research as what you’re doing. Then weigh things out. Go in silence and reflect. Better yet like what I said a while ago, test the truth. Yung sinabi mo na parang you’re questioning the existence of God, let’s touch that topic from time to time as we go on conversing. And someday, you, yourself, not me, will declare that there’s really God. Alright?”

“Opo, tay. My next question is… What’s the beginning of time? I know you’ve already answered what comes before God. Pero gusto kong malaman na pano ba nagsimula ang lahat?”

“What do you think is the answer to your question? Alam ko na meron kang idea because you’ve been reading a lot.”

“Alam mo tay, something just came into my mind.”

“Ano yan?”

“An answer to my question! Time began when God created the universe.”

“Tama yan. So it’s like that statement just flashed into your mind, meaning, suddenly, you remember what you already knew before in your previous lives.”

“So totoo pa la ang reincarnation?”

“Yes. Hindi na nga yan belief. It’s just a matter of time when all the scientific researches would come into place to prove reincarnation will become a fact. But let’s put that aside since it’s a lengthy discussion.”

“Ok, po. My next question is how did God create the universe?”

“I could give you a long answer but it might confuse you. So let me put it this way. God is like a pure magician. When I said pure, it means, He used no tricks. He used no tools when He created His first creation. So imagine, with a snap of His fingers, there suddenly appeared a rabbit. Voilà!


“Hahaha indeed! Because God had fun in creating the solar system, starts, space, matter, living things, non-living things, humans, animals and anything you can think of. But take note on this. Before the creation, there’s only energy. And that energy is God.”

“Pero I’m sure, ang rabbit hindi naging rabbit na lang. I mean hindi ganun ka simple. There’s a process of evolution.”

“Tama yan, anak.”


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