6. Questioning Meditation

“Kaya nga, tay, sa mga dami dami kong nabasa online, I get to be confused on what’s really the truth. That’s why it’s good we’re having this conversation so I’ll be guided.”

“That’s why it’s very important to meditate daily. Like what I’ve been teaching you and your brother. In your room, sit in a lotus position. Close your eyes and be aware of your breathing. Inhale, exhale… Inhale, exhale… Inhale, exhale… Inhale, exhale… Then take a deep breath, slowly inhaling through your nose for 10 seconds. Then slowly exhaling through your mouth as you whisper, Relax, until all air is out. Then you go back to your normal breathing. Inhale, exhale… Inhale, exhale… Inhale, exhale… Inhale, exhale… Then you repeat the process for at least 3 times. Di ba yan ang tinuro ko?”


“Every time I meditate, I mysteriously feel God’s divine peace. I know there are a lot of information out there but in meditation, there are only two things that matter. His presence. His love. And I know at the back of my mind, He’s always at my side, keeping me safe and protected. Tingnan mo ako! Maski kulang parati ang tulog ko dahil sa trabaho, hindi naman ako nagkakasakit. Didn’t I tell you, there were many times I almost encountered accidents on the road but I always got saved? It felt like Someone was trying to pull me so I always avoided incidents that could have killed me.”

“Yeah, I remember you told me those. Baka nagmemeditate ka while you’re driving until you fell asleep. Hahaha!”

“Hahaha! Hindi naman! What I’m trying to say is when you meditate before going to sleep at night, you feel more of God’s presence. You’re actually breathing Him as He becomes you and you become Him. You and God become one. When you’re one with God, nothing can go wrong. You may encounter some problems in your life along the way but at the end of the day, you go home safe and sound.”

“Pero, tay, hindi ba nag memeditate na man ako? But why do I feel sad, alone and sometimes feel useless? I meditate because you told me so, yet I still continue to meditate because I want to feel God’s presence as you say. Pero, parang wala na man. I mean, there’s nothing to it. I still question if God really exist. I still have this speculation that all this god thing is just a product of man’s imagination.”

“Now you’re talking. I like that. Continue to express your questions and doubts. Don’t just listen to me. Challenge me. Don’t be a blind follower not even to me, maski ako ang tatay mo. But my hope, time will come someday, you’ll go back to this day and appreciate my teachings when you see the difference.”


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