5. Test the Truth

“Tay, nung first year high school pa ako, I asked my teacher this question. What comes before God? He said that there are things in life which we can’t answer.”

“In a way, tama yung teacher mo. Indeed, there are mysteries in life which are beyond human comprehension. But to attempt to answer your question, what comes before God is still God since He is eternally existing. It is what it is. We can’t say that all of a sudden He appears, for to say so contradicts His being eternally existing. Just imagine God is like whispering to you, ‘I am what I am and it’s just the way it is.’

“Eh, baka magkakatoo yang sinabi mo, tay. There might come a time, during my meditation, I might hear something strange out of nowhere. Hindi ba nakakatakot yun?”

“Bat ka naman matatakot? Wouldn’t it be nice to finally encounter your Creator? If it happens, it could be the most wonderful experience you’ll ever have. Ako nga sa tagal kong panahon nag memeditate, never have I encountered God personally. How I wish it would happen to me! How I wish what happened to Paramahansa Yogananda could also happen to me!”

“I’ve read some online comments about him. Baka gawa gawa lang siguro niya yun! Also I’ve read something about Neale Donald Walsch, Apollo Quiboloy and many others. There are even books in the US published and movies made, telling about young boys who encountered God in Heaven. I suspect they’re all not true. Baka gawa gawa lang siguro yun ng mga tatay nila para magkapera sila. At yumaman nga sila!”

“Anak, I’m impressed! You know a lot of things. Have you been reading books about those authors?”

“I was just doing a quick research in the internet.”

“I see. Let me tell you something. It really doesn’t matter if what you read is true or not. What matters is your own experience. Now that I’ve been telling you these higher truths because these have satisfied my mind and I feel good about it. So what I want from you is to test these truths I’ve shared with you in your own personal life. If these things would give clarity and peace of mind in your life, then it could be true after all. Above all, if these truths would make you feel good, meaning you become a better person, more understanding, more forgiving and more compassionate to others, then you’re never mistaken in believing such truths.”

(note: Paramahansa, Neale and Apollo have something in common. They all claimed to have experienced direct revelation from God.)


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