4. Meditate, my son

“Di ba sabi ko sa iyo na kahit anong mangyari, tatay pa rin kita. Ako nga pag magiging tatay na ako, I don’t know if I become a good model to my kids.”

“Alam mo, anak, that has always been my worry. I’m concerned if I’m really a good role model to you and to your brother. Look at me, I’m getting older and older but I haven’t achieved great things in life. I can’t consider myself to be successful. If I am, I could have provided you the things you wanted. Hindi ba gusto mo na may sarili kang laptop?”

“Oo pero, kalimutan mo na yun, tay. Hindi na man yan importante.”

“I know it’s important to you because you need it in school. Ako nga, gusto kong magkaroon tayong ng malaking bahay but we just don’t have enough money. My salary sometimes isn’t enough to pay off our monthly bills. I wanted to support my aging parents but sometimes, sila pa nga ang nag bibigay ng pera sa akin.”

“Pero, hindi ba sabi mu na ang pagpapatawad at pagmamahal ay dapat nating gawin? Because that’s a demonstration of being a God and it’s our purpose in this world. And I guess that’s what matters most.”

“Salamat, nak, for reminding me. Look at you, you’re now becoming my teacher! Thank you. Alam mo, I can see when you’ll get a job and have your own family, you’ll be better than me. Not only will you be successful in life but also you’ll be a great provider to your children. And of course, your future wife will be very lucky because I clearly visualize you’re a faithful and a loving person.”

“Ang layo pa nun, tay. Hehehe!”

“By the way, I observe recently you’ve been meditating frequently on your own. That’s good, anak. That’s very good. Continue doing that.”

“Di ba yan ang turo mu sa amin since I was in Elementary?”

“Oo nga nu? Wow! I can still remember the picture when the four of us were meditating! My God! You and your brother were just so small at that time!”

“Hahaha! Yeah, I remember that picture. I think that’s more than 12 years ago.”

“Right! So keep meditating, my son. Since God is Energy, the Source of all energy, the air you’re breathing especially during deep meditation is what gives you life. It’s giving you a meaningful reason to go on with your life. Every time you breathe deeply, you become like God because God is the air you breath, which is energy in itself.”


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