3. What’s our purpose in this world?

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“Sandali lang, tay. Mukhang malalim nato ah! We become like God?”

“Ba’t naman hindi! Don’t forget, we’re created in His image and likeness and it’s just right we should be like Him. And so that’s our purpose in this world. To be like Him. It’s everyone’s mission not just you and me. When we were born, we all have the potential to be like Him. We’re all Gods in the making. We must fully accomplish it before we leave in this world so we can rejoin with Him in Heaven.”

“So nanggaling na pala tayo dun? I thought when we were born, this is our first life and we’ve never existed before.”

“That’s what you thought. All of us came from God in Heaven where we were once part of this Great Energy. This Great Energy is the source of all living things in the universe. This Great Energy is God, eternally living in Heaven but don’t take Heaven as literal. It’s not a place which most of us thought to be. It’s simply an existence.”

“Akala ko ang Heaven ay nasa pinaka mataas na bahagi ng universe na napapaligiran ng clouds at mga angels habang ang Diyos ay naka upo parang isang hari.”

“Well, you can say that if it satisfies your imagination but God is more than that. He’s like Air, living everywhere which penetrates and gives life to all that you see. Imagine without the clouds, sun, moon, planets and stars and there’s only Air which you can’t see with your physical eyes. That Air is God.”

“Kaya pala araw araw kitang nakikita nag memeditate.”

“That’s how I feel the presence of God on a daily basis. Without air, we all die. That’s how God manifests His presence consistently for all of us. Maski yung mga taong hindi naniniwala sa Diyos o may iba diyan galit sa Diyos, hindi ba nakakahinga pa rin sila? They still breath the same air with those who devoutly love God.”

“Masarap nga itong red wine! I guess I won’t drink beer anymore. This is better.”

“Good thing you said that. You see, life is always discovering which is better. Your understanding about God is good but there’s always something better out there.”

“Since you mentioned we should be like God, you still haven’t told me on how to be like God. Mukhang mahirap yata yan.”

“In fact, simple lang na maging katulad ng Diyos. You, your brother and your mom are even demonstrating it many times.”

“Huh? Ano po yon?”

“Yung pagpapatawad nyo sa akin sa mga kasalanang nagawa ko dati at sa pagpapatuloy nyong pagrespeto at pagmamahal sa akin.”



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