2. Who is God?

“Anak, magsimula muna tayo on one of the biggest questions that man has ever asked. Who is God? Ikaw ba, para sa iyo, sino o ano ba talaga ang Diyos?”

“Tay, mukhang hindi ko pa yan natanong sa sarili. But anyway, since you ask me. Then my answer which comes into my mind right now is this. Hhhmmm…”

“Take your time. No hurry. By the way, masarap itong red wine na nabili mo ah.”

“I already have an answer. God is someone who is up there. I don’t know where but since He’s the creator of everything, He must be someone who manages to put the universe in order. I mean, hindi ba maraming mga planeta, bituin at ipa ba pero hindi na man sila nag babanggaan.”

“Good answer. Next question. How do we know His existence in our personal lives? What’s the manifestation of His presence?”

“I don’t know. You tell me.”

“The answer is The Light. All Christians, if I’m not mistaken, believe that God’s presence was once manifested when Jesus Christ came into our world. But the problem is… Papano na man yung mga Muslim, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and others who got a different belief with the Christians. So to settle this, I must say God is the light. It’s universally understood. With that, everything is settled.”

“The light. Pero, tay, mahirap yan. I can’t feel His presence. That’s why I go to Church, look at the crucifix and pray. There I feel He’s listening to me.”

“Anak, ok na man yan. In fact, continue doing that if it helps you connect with Him. Pero wag mo namang sabihin that the Muslims are wrong because they don’t have a crucifix in their Church. Right?”

“I got your point.”

“Mabuti naman. On my end, I’ve gone beyond the physical structures of the Church. Nanggaling din ako diyan but I realize I feel better to recognize God in the amazing beauty of nature especially during sunrise. When I see the rays of sun and feel its warmth penetrating my skin, I feel His mysterious presence. It’s like He’s telling me, ‘My son. I’m just here. I would never leave you. I’m always here giving you life and hope.’ Minsan napapaluha ako, kasi sa dami daming kasalanan kong nagawa before, yet God is still giving me life and strength to go on with my life.”

“Tay, alam mo naman na mahal kita no matter what happened. You’re still my dad and always will be.”

“Salamat, anak. You see with what you just said, you’re like God.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“What I mean you still love me no matter what I had done before and I know even if I fall again, you will still love me. Right?”

“Oo naman. Ganun ka rin naman sa akin, tay.”

“So you see, we become like God! And this brings to our next topic about man’s purpose in this world.”


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