1. Your god is stupid

“Tay, ano yung sabi ni Duterte about God? He said God is stupid daw. What does he mean by that?”

“Anak, halika. Maupo muna tayo. He must have referred about the teachings of the Christians especially by the Catholics. What do you remember in your religion subject about the story of creation?”

“And sabi ng teacher ko, man is created in the image and likeness of God.”

“So that means we’re perfect.”

“Eh, ganun na po. Pero what I can’t understand since we’re like God, then how come our first parents, Adam and Eve fell into sin? And because of their disobedience, all of us inherited their sinfulness as it’s called original sin. That’s why all of us have the capability of going against God such as sins of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger and sloth.

“Right, the seven capital sins. So that was why with a great flood, He had to wipe out what He created, leaving only Noah and his family because they were the only good ones at that time. But the same old story is happening now. The world is filled again with bad people committing almost the same sins. So God sent His son Jesus Christ to tell us to prepare for the end of times where the good will be saved and brought to Heaven while the evil will be punished and doomed to Hell. ”

“So totoo yan, tay?”

“Anak, that’s very stupid! Duterte is right. We were taught the wrong kind of God. God is not like that. Remember, the Bible was written by authors who had a playful creative imagination. Di ba sabi din ni Duterte that he believes in a Supreme God but unlike the gods of others who are illogical and stupid. Duterte’s belief of God is someone who is forgiving. But I’m not here to defend Duterte. I’m here to tell you the right and a better knowledge about God which is based on sound reasoning and wisdom. Ikaw ba nung nagkasala ka sa akin, sinaktan ba kita? Sinuntok ba kita?

“Hindi po.”

“Pinatawad kita at patuloy ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo even you sinned many times. So it’s the same way with God.”

“Tay, mukhang mahaba habang inuman to. Hehehe!”

“Sige! Kunin mu yung red wine sa ref. I’ll tell you more so you would see the bigger picture. But I want you not to only listen to me. In other words, you have to think for yourself. Use your critical thinking then question me. Challenge me.”

“Sige bah!”


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