The Prayer

There are many true stories which are both documented and unknown, telling us, prayer works in mysterious ways which science can’t explain. Numerous books have been written on the subject matter regarding the interconnection of mind, body and spirit. The greatest message is that whatever the mind thinks consistently, it will manifest into reality which the person can really see, feel and experience. This is one of the universal laws which is always true no matter what country, race, color, religion, culture you belong in this world. In fact, this kind of truth is nothing new. This is very ancient.

The goal is to apply this principle into our prayers. We should realize that every time we pray, we must use our mind with all our understanding and belief. For it to bring results the way we want it, we must pray with a hidden thought and feeling that sooner or later, our prayer is already answered. This is where trust comes in. It’s not experimentation but genuine faith to a Divine Powerful Being. This is where God comes in. You’re praying to God that He is the One who fulfills all your needs.

God always wants us to be truly happy because He is our One Creator as we’re all His children. However, one of the attributes of God is that He never forces us. He gives us total freedom but He is waiting for us to call Him. This is where prayer comes in.

Prayer must be part of our daily activity just like eating and taking a bath. It’s like food to our soul as fuel is to the car. Without prayer, we will be weary, stressed out and drained, leading to sickness in the long run.

As you’ll read between the lines of each payer, you will notice that action or participation is needed from you in order for prayer to have relevance and meaning in your situation. Of course, God works hand in hand with us. So perseverance, therefore, is greatly needed. For those who endure, great and lasting is their reward.

This is what life is all about. It’s like a game where victory is achieved after passing all the tests and trials. But worry not. God invented this game where all of us will win in the ultimate end. The questions are… Do we ask help from Him? Do we have patience and trust on Him? Are we ready to do our part?

Lastly, the meaning of the word, Amen, must be taken seriously. The Greek Old Testament in the Holy Bible translates Amen as So Be It. The phrase, ‘So Be It’ is a simple yet authoritative statement with a deep strong confidence that what’s being said will come true. Always bear it in your mind.

When you’re lost for words especially in a situation of worry, fear, sadness, emptiness or anger, find an appropriate prayer below to help you connect to God. For a result which needs time, pray every day until the answer has finally come true.

Prayer for Healing: “God, heal me. Please take away this pain. I’m sorry for all my past wrong actions. Forgive me and help me become a new person. I want to be healed so I can move on with renewed hope for a better tomorrow. Please help me forget the wounds of my past. What matters is this moment that you are present to listen to me. God, heal me and I know you will because I’m your child as you want me to live in joy and peace. All glory and praise to your name and goodness. Amen.”

Prayer for Success: “God, please help me. I need you to guide me in what I’m doing so I will always do the right thing in an effective way. This is what I want since this is what my heart truly desires. Provide me the opportunities so the talent which you’ve given me will be fully utilized. Strengthen me and make me not give up to do everything that I can for me to achieve my dream. With all my heart and mind, I give you all my trust that you’ll make me successful in this field I’ve chosen. Thank you very much, my God. Amen.”

Prayer for Happiness and Peace: “God, you are the only one who knows what I exactly feel and what my thoughts are. I need you, my God. Please come to me and lead my actions to the path where I will truly be happy and at peace. Always guide me on what I think, say and do. I want you to know that a life of inner happiness and peace with myself as with others is what matters to me. I’m sure this is what you also want me to have. With all my love and reverence to your name, please grant my humble prayer. Amen.”


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