Dodong and God

One early morning, Dodong was jogging around the soccer field. He felt so drained yet he continued to run for the fourth round. Looking up in the skies, he noticed that the clouds formed like there are uncanny eyes staring at him. He stopped and stared at it when suddenly, a big baritone voice spoke up:

“My son, it is I. Listen. You can deny me but you cannot stay away from me.”

Dodong knew it was God talking. Goosebumps were all over his body but he dismissed it right away saying, “God, I know it’s you. I’ve done my part. I already said what I had to say to my fellowmen. It’s now up to them whether they will heed or not, to my call of global and collective courses of action in saving our world. Please stop talking to me, once and for all. Please, if you don’t mind, kindly leave me.”

“My son, if that is what you want, then I leave you. But I tell you, you will forever be restless unless you come back to me and accomplish what you are destined to do in your world.”

Dodong observed the people who were watching him as if they’re thinking he’s losing his sanity. They stopped jogging. The kids who were practicing soccer stopped playing and laughed at him.

Annoyed, he shouted at them, “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!”

God resumed saying, “Dodong, my son. There are more I have to tell you if you stay still and open your mind.”

“My, Lord! I’m tired. I’m so exhausted. I can’t listen to you anymore. Besides, who will believe me anyway? Look at us! We haven’t changed. I haven’t changed. We’re still overshadowed with selfishness and occupied with our day to day physical survival. If the world will end, then go ahead! Bring it on! I’m ready. I don’t know with them. But on my end, I’m ready to die. I don’t care if I don’t go to heaven. Anyway, I’ve lived my life trying to make ends meet all the time. I just can’t take this never ending struggle anymore. Lovelyn left me because I just can’t be a good provider. I don’t know how long Manong would take care of my needs in his house. He’s getting weaker when Manang died. She was hit by an overspeeding car.”

“My son, whatever your circumstances are, nothing can change who you are.”

“So who am I? Tell me now! I really don’t know who I am. Let’s end our conversation right here, right now!”

“You are an old soul, a very old one. You have lived more a than a thousand lifetimes. In your previous incarnations, to sum it all up, you were trying to live your truest image, although subconsciously. And that is to be like me. All of you have the same image. It is true on what is written that man is created in the image and likeness of Me. In your efforts, you failed many times simply because you thought that I would help you with my magical power. This is the reason of your meeting with Manong. He taught you an important lesson that the God you are all believing is all the while within, in all of you. He is correct when he said that everytime I am talking to you, it is you who is talking to yourself. But this You is your highest self, which is Me, the God in you. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“My Lord, I’m listening. Please go on.”

“In your previous lives, this never happened to you. So now that you have discovered who you really are with your full awareness, that you are God, then it is time to teach this greatest truth to all that they too are Gods. When you all live like Gods, what dramatic change you can effect in your existence! You begin to change how you see each other. You then give value and respect to each other. You do things like you have never done before. You make sure that in everything you do, it will not only contribute welfare to your own but also to others. And it is good you were able to tell them, ‘What you do to others, you do it to yourself.’ When you uttered that statement, it is an indication that you have finally found the truth after thousands of reincarnation. It is like that the sleeping giant within has finally awakened from its long slumber. You cannot die in your present lifetime without teaching this truth. You are alive and now fully conscious about this. The opportunity now is this. The God within you is clearly telling you to do so. But do not get this wrong. It is not a God from an outside supernatural force penetrating into your mind and body that all of a sudden, you are given instantly some extraordinary powers. The only power you posses right now is knowledge. Nothing is greater than that. The next step is living that knowledge so it becomes wisdom. Wisdom showing both in your speech and actions will become your most effective tool in teaching this truth. People will be persuaded, converted and transformed.”

“But then again, they can still fail. They still have their own free will like I do. I can still fail and succumb to temptations of the flesh. Right?”

“Right, my son.”

“So what’s the point if you can’t even grant me some supernatural strength I need to carry on with this mission to teach?”

“Again, it is not literally me. It is still you who can endow yourself with this strength you are talking about.”

“So what should I do, my Lord?”

“Meditate, my son.”


“There are a lot of ways but let me teach only two. One is basic and the other is advanced.”

“Please go on, my Lord. I’m listening carefully.”

“Basic is this. When you have nothing to do while sitting down, close your eyes and be aware of your breathing through your nose. Inhale… Exhale… For about five times. Then inhale deeply trough your nose at the count of five as you feel your stomach is pumped up. Then slowly release the air as you exhale through your mouth, whispering the word, Relax. Repeat the process with the next word, Peace. Repeat the process with next word, Thank you, my God.”

“That’s it?”

“Do it everyday. Do it often in a day if you have the opportunity. Of course, you have to understand and believe the words. ‘Relax’ means there is nothing to be afraid of. Everything is gonna be alright. ‘Peace’ means sending out peaceful positive energies to all including those whom you do not like. If you have enemies, you are sending your sincere forgiveness for them through the airwaves, wishing them wellness. If you have hurt someone, you are hoping they have already forgiven you. ‘Thank you, my God’ means you wholeheartedly thank Me that I am always with you. How can I not be with you when I am inside of you for always…”

“Beautifully said, my Lord.”

“Advanced is this. Before you sleep, sit in a lotus position. Be alone. Lights out in total silence. Close your eyes and be aware of your breathing through your nose. Inhale… Exhale… For about ten times. Then inhale deeply trough your nose at the count of ten as you feel your stomach is pumped up. Hold your breath for about ten seconds. Then slowly release the air as you exhale through your mouth, whispering the word, Relax. Then breath normally through your nose for about ten times. Repeat the process with the next word, Peace. Repeat the process with next words, Thank you, my God.”

“My Lord, what’s the purpose of holding my breath?”

“When you inhale deeply, you draw the power of the universe surrounding you as you lock it in when you hold it inside of you. This power will help you realize that you are one with the universe. And that you are one with its Creator. And that is Me as you become one with Me.”

(excerpts from The Questions of Dodong)


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