Life’s Biggest Irony

Joan of Arc, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus Christ, and our hero, Jose Rizal… What do they have in common? They were all murdered.

There are lessons which humanity never learned.

What happened to those individuals and many other others who spoke against the evils of society could also befall to our beloved President Duterte. Speculations like impeachment, coup d’etat or assassination is a possibility during his term. Even he, himself, in one of his talks expressed candidly about his enemies who are engaged in a plot against him. But what amazed me is his no fear of such predicament. A number of times he said that he’s ready to die anytime.

As we’ve observed in just a matter of 7 months, his administration accomplished political feats that no leader had ever done for our country before. Undoubtedly, he gives all his best for the majority’s welfare and even for the next generations to come before his impending death.

Life’s biggest irony in the immemorial hands of time which continues to haunt us in the present is this. We want change. Yes, change for the better. When change comes in front of us, all of a sudden, we detest it. Because when these rare individuals would walk in our planet, they mean serious radical change which all the while, brings pain. Pain in the sense that it takes sacrifice…a lot of sacrifice and moving away from our comfort zone. And so in our stupidness, we then criticize them as if we’re clean, holy and righteous until we participate directly or indirectly in carrying out death sentence to them. When they die, years after, whether we’re still alive or not to be part of this travesty, we then declare them to be our heroes.

If we truly learn from our history and live its lessons for our benefit, we must not fool ourselves. As our President would sometimes mock us in his own words, “Wag na tayong mag-bolahan!”


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