The Hypocrites and The Brood of Vipers

In the Gospels, Jesus Christ castigated the Church leaders in his time and called them hypocrites and brood of vipers.

Two thousand years years passed, more or less, these kind of people still exist and have grown in numbers. Let’s just confine this group to the so called Christians as I belong into this largest religion in the world. What I’m going to write is based on my observation as part of me has been shaped and influenced by the priests, pastors and different religious teachers in this diverse and complicated Christianity.

Let’s deal with the Hypocrites. They portray themselves as righteous and holy. They talk about spiritual and religious matters whether in the stage or in conversations with the people they come to associate. However, when they go back into their dwelling places where no one sees them or when they’re only with the few people in their circles, that’s where their real selves surface. If only you knew what they do, you would be scandalized. They engage in different sexual activities for their pleasure.

In the human side, it’s normal as they just attend to the natural cravings of the physical body. But to scold the members of their religion on pornography, pre-marital sex, adultery, LGBT, contraception and other social/sexual issues, then they are Hypocrites. These hypocrites, in their secret lives, go as far as molesting the young leaving them in traumatic conditions. Others are impregnating their lovers but putting them away together with their children in a far place so the public wouldn’t know. I’ve just mentioned few of the incidents of the works of these hypocrites.

Now let’s have the Brood of Vipers. Let’s widen our scope not just within the religious groups but including the government leaders of our country. The Pharisees and Sadducees whom Jesus put into the limelight of embarrassment really represent the whole of humanity who preach about rules and morals but they, themselves, are breaking it or they get blinded with the rules that they can’t anymore be compassionate to others who need immediate assistance.

Viper as defined by merriam-webster is someone who is vicious or a treacherous, in other words, those who are filled with deceit. We have lots of these, rampant in the government seats: mayors, congressmen, senators and even the president of a country. When election comes, they appear to be nice and great public speakers promising justice, peace, order, progress, jobs, food and other ideal visions of a society.

These candidates spend a humongous amount of money on advertising and even to the point of buying votes from the citizens. When they get elected, their first concern is how they can recover of what they spent during election in a fast manner of time and how they make a profit as being the elected official in the land. So they steal money from the government funds or blatantly speaking, they rob the citizens’ money as this money is the collective taxes, we’re obliged to pay regularly. It has become a lucrative form of business being seated in the government.

The painful part is the effect of their corruption. Instead of the services to be delivered to the oppressed, murdered, sick, homeless, jobless, victims of nature’s calamities, most of the government funds are pocketed. Yes, there are services like legal, hospitals, housing, typhoon goods assistance but they are just like insulting leftovers of the money they stole. The dilapidated roads, lack of schools, lack of public hospitals, lack of medicines are some of the outcome of these corrupt politicians. Some die either they were not attended well in the hospitals for there are too many patients or they die because they just don’t have the presence of a nearby health center.

The squatters are roaming around in the city. Due to hunger, they are forced to rob. When they get caught, they get imprisoned immediately. The bigtime robbers, the politicians, who grab millions amounting to billions when summed up still enjoy the respect and authority in their places.

Some people succumb to drugs because, in the first place, they were not provided well by their parents. So they don’t finish school. When they grow up, they realize they can’t get a job but they have to earn money fast lest they become a burden to the society. So they either resort to being a hold-upper or a drug dealer and thus, become drug users as well. In this way, they earn money fast in order to feed their families or get one of their family members in the hospital for treatment of a terrible sickness. As a repercussion, their offspring will most like follow what their elders are doing. Terrible side effects of those high on drugs will push them to be extremely aggressive leading to rape and killing.

Regarding the president, all he could think of…could be protecting his own family interests, his business, his property and if anyone whom he sees as a block to his agenda, he can do anything to remove such person. Effect? Of course, the officials under him would be quick to conclude, “Well, our President himself, is doing it, so why can’t we?”

In reflection, it’s not important whether you belong in a religion or not. It doesn’t matter if you should serve your country by being a political leader. At the end of the day, it boils down on what good you have done to anyone whom you encounter along the way…a family member, a friend, a stranger whether you are seen by the public or not. You do good because you value that person as he or she is the reflection of God’s creation. So when you harm that person directly or indirectly, you are desecrating God, Himself. God has only one desire. To care for His most precious creature. The Human Being, His masterpiece in whom He is well pleased. Nothing else.


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