A Rare Human Being

There comes once in our lives when we witness a rare human being walking in this planet.

He moves us deeply like no one else. When he speaks, he squeezes our hearts with his words of anger and curse, letting us see the real pains of the victims of corruption, crimes and illegal drugs.

He comes not appealing but appalling to others for he has no desire to be admired but to crush down the evils in this land.

A terror leader he is perceived but in reality only to the few who are evil in order to protect the lives and well-being of the many who are good.

Coming in the line of Jesus Christ who exposes fearlessly the hypocrites and brood of vipers in the church and in the government… And coming in the line of Jose Rizal who’s not afraid to die of patriotism…

Punishing and terminating the dregs of society is what he does but he is condemned of his actions by the same hypocrites who virtually do nothing while almost allowing the criminals to continue molesting and killing the innocent.

Killing is immoral as defined by religions but he’d rather do it so we will no longer fear that we’d be robbed, raped or murdered.

He really doesn’t care if he burns in hell as long as the people he serves live in paradise where there’s peace and order.

Worry not, Rodrigo Duterte. There’s no hell in the literal sense of the word. Hell is right now, right here.

You’re doing a good job in restoring this land which was once a paradise. Do what you do best. If God can take a human form right now, it’s likely He would take off his hat and warmly shake your hands.


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