The Case of Spiritual Leaders

Sometimes, we’re attracted when we hear someone declaring that he has received messages from God.

They put it down into writing and made books out of it which became bestsellers. There are some who go as far as declaring that he is Jesus Christ, Himself, who has come again as the fulfillment of the second coming as foretold in the Gospels and in the book of Revelation. There are even some who say that they are divine beings in flesh and blood. He said that He is God in the ultimate sense of the word. There are different versions of these claims but it boils down to lifting themselves up as superior compared to the rest of us. We look up to them as special creatures while we are left virtually clueless behind their authoritative claims but just to believe in them and submit ourselves to their instructions. Not doing so would make us afraid for what if their claims are really true…then we are at loss.

Majority of us like to listen to these people for they give us the convenience in discovering the truth coming to us as a packaged gift. All we have to do is open it, take it and consume it for our benefit. The benefit is ease of mind. We don’t have to search anymore for the truth elsewhere for it is now in front of our eyes. We don’t have to trouble ourselves in using much of our mental capacities like common sense, logic and reasoning. We just have to listen to them and try to understand a little but all is needed from us is to surrender our faith to them. Of course, they don’t come short of the beautiful promises like abundance, success, healing, peace of mind and most of all, the guarantee of eternal happiness.

I say those situations are alright. If it serves you and you feel good about following your spiritual leader as you become a better person being kind and compassionate to others, then don’t change your position. The danger, I must say, is getting blinded by your belief on your leader that you would do anything to make him happy at the expense of other people. That’s a different story! The danger is when he tells you that He is The One and that other religious organizations are lesser (if not false), then that’s a different story! And the worst danger is when he tells you that in his group, you will go to heaven and outside of his group, you will go to hell, then that’s a different serious story! Whether that leader is still alive or long dead years ago, I tell you without hesitation…you belong in a dangerous group.

You see, these kind of religious leaders are the causes why we are still at war. They are the reasons why there is bigotry leading to conflicts if not bloodshed.

So what now is the truth? The truth is simple. Each one of us is Divine. God lives equally in all of us. When we live into this truth, then we value ourselves in the same way we value others. We don’t see anyone as superior or inferior for all has the Divinity of God. Some may display this divinity and some may not but the principle stays the same. It’s a matter of realizing and actualizing this divinity. Looking at a distance, some have achieved spiritual perfection making them Gods while others are Gods in the making…


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