To Believe in God or Not

God’s existence encompasses everyone and everything. His guidance to human beings penetrates wherever we are. Whether we’re physically inside the church of wood, stones, cement or outside of it, His presence is equally felt. It all depends on the person who communicates to God. So if you’re inside the biggest and grandest cathedral but if you’re mind is wandering and worrying about your financial and economic condition, then you’re wasting your time kneeling or looking at those divine images. But if you’re in your own house at the silence of your room, closing your eyes, feeling the presence of God through the air you breathe and thinking that everything is gonna be alright because you believe that God will help you solve all your problems as you’re doing your part with your effort and hard work…then I tell you, you are in the best place where God is truly found.

Without your full knowledge, God is progressively working and arranging all the necessary people and events in order for your problem to be solved.

The question now then arises. Can your problem be solved if you just work hard without believing and praying to God? The answer is Yes. There are atheists and agnostics such as in the field of science and entrepreneurship who declare that they become successful because of their being industrious, persistent and unwavering belief on themselves.

These non-believers on God are grouped into two. The first are those whose main concern is enriching themselves, living in the world of superiority and abundance without much care for the welfare of others. The second are those whose ultimate goal is to contribute to the alleviation of humanity’s sufferings leading to a better society. The second group in the truest sense, although they’re not aware of it, are virtually believers on the existence of God. To believe in God, whether you profess it or not, you recognize the value of human lives. You give dignity to the human race, striving not to just let him live and survive but provide things leading to security, peace, enjoyment, comfort and happiness. For to see another human in emptiness, sadness and suffering, you’re affected as well. So you do everything you can, to do good things for others as you are ultimately returning the favor for yourself…you, who are human, the highest form of living creature in this planet deserving a life not just with dignity but with nobility.

The choice is yours then. To believe in God and at the same time work hard for the betterment of the world…or not to believe in God per se but samely, working hard for the betterment of the world. There’s really no difference between the two.

But the question is still not answered. Do we have to believe in God, call His name and pray? For those whose answer is Yes, keep it that way because it gives you such deep meaning behind your struggles. Believing in the big mysteries such as in the physically unseen God…this will keep you not give up as go on despite of any disappointments in your life. This will keep you from committing suicide or mentally breaking down. Most of all, believing in God will not change your belief on the goodness of man for the reward of Heaven is what you ultimately look forward where there is eternal joy.


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