The Love of Mary Magdalene for Jesus

“Oh, my love! Say more of these kind of words. Do not take away your lips. Keep telling me these beautiful words closer to my ear. Keep breathing deeply, my love. Your breath going inside my soul is giving me strength to start living even without you by my side any moment from now. The skin of your face touching my face is what I will hold on in my memory every time I come back here in this room without your presence… I love you, my Jesus, the man who gives me beautiful meaning in my existence. Because of you, I can live again and again in this world just as long as we are together even if we have to come back here in this earth endlessly because of our desire which we will not let go. But I know all along, you are ever true to the will of God. I know you love me with all your heart but I know as well that your love for me is no way to be compared of the love you have for God. You love God as if no one exists in the deepest part of your being except the missed love of God in Heaven. My face, my body, my hair, my scent, my hands and lips are way below in comparison to the experience you once had with the Creator in the blissful Heaven. That is why I completely understand you are not holding yourself back in ascending to Heaven. There is no temptation which could ever taint your mind as any human being would stumble just like anyone of us. You remember the times, I wanted to make love with you from the day we got married but you just embraced me and whispered, ‘I love you for always. Isn’t this enough for you to feel my love? Isn’t my kiss enough for you to quench the desires of your human flesh? Isn’t the way I look at you enough to let you feel that you are special and above anyone else from my disciples?’”

(excerpts from Teresa and Chris)


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