Fear and Sin

Fear is the root cause of all sins. But how do we define a sin? Sin is actually an effect or by-product of ignorance. So when we do something even if we don’t know it is immoral or unlawful in the eyes of the church or society we belong to, then what we have done becomes a sin. On the other hand, when we do something whether we have knowledge of its immorality or not, yet we feel fear or feel guilty of what we do, then the act can become a sin.

On the day we were born in this world, conscience was also born in our minds. What is conscience? It’s like our inner voice which silently tells us in our minds on what to do and what not to do. As time goes by, it develops until such time we can distinguish between what’s good and what’s bad. The recognition is reinforced by others like our parents, family members or guardians tell us on the good thing we should do and the bad thing we should avoid. As we mature, we learn more about the nature of good and bad when we are in school where we learn lessons from different books we are taught by our teachers. As we progress, we learn and discover more when we start to search for the truth on our own by proactively doing things like joining groups or just doing some further research. But basically whether we do all those things or not, our conscience has always been working in our minds, guiding us on what we do on a daily basis.

Generally, we operate on two factors. First, we do what we do in order to experience pleasure. Second, we avoid such foreseeable experiences which inflict pain on us. Now the two factors become complex when we must realize that human beings are social by nature. That means, when we do things which involve other people, we must see to it if our actions can serve or harm. In other words, we must ask ourselves ever time we perform an action. “Does this help?” “Does this hurt?” You can test the effect of our actions when we do it to ourselves. When the action helps us in a positive way, then it must serve others as well. When the action harms us in a negative way, then it must follow that it could harm others also.


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