What are the two types of dream?

Be vigilant with dreams when we recall them upon waking up. There are two types.

First is Divine. Having a dream like this is unmistakable. The message is direct and clear. This happens in order to summon a need for a soul who is confused and thirsty of the real truth. The feeling is grand, strong and high. It’s not fear but joy and love. The experience can’t be forgotten when we wake up and even as time passed by.

This is God’s way for us to pause for a while in this long journey of life towards Heaven. When we’re so tired of the struggles and problems of life, we fall asleep and relax for a while. In some cases which happen to few individuals, God, usually appearing in a bright white light, talks to us and gives us specific messages. He dispenses simple advices on the essential tasks in our lives. In rare instances, He reminds us of who we really are and why we are here in this world.

When we sleep, that’s the time our mind is so open that we’re like emptying our cup so we get answers from a higher source. If not from God, it could be coming from someone whom we have a special devotion like Jesus Christ or Mother Mary. We then realize that we can’t make through life if there’s no one who will give us direction in this big maze of life.

Second is Human. They are repressed desires, wishful thinking, hidden agenda, unresolved issues with reality, unrealistic hopes, wanted projections towards self and other human issues. So the second set of dreams encompasses anything that’s outside the divine. Some are meaningless but some are worthy to be scrutinized in order to understand oneself more. However, don’t get stuck for what’s important is our waking consciousness where we have the ability to make good things happen with our will power.

You may or may not take heed to human dreams. But if you have to, here’s the general guide. Intense dreams carry a message waiting to be discovered in the waking reality. The only person who can uncover the correct interpretation of the dream is the dreamer, himself. Every dream is highly personal. In other words, there’s no such thing as a generic interpretation to every object, person or event which occurs in the dream. We dream because there’s an unresolved issue going on with our lives. These issues when not confronted and solved, they persist in staying in the form of our dreams. Oftentimes, they’re weird and confusing which can bother us. However in almost all cases, they’re not to be interpreted literally. The most important thing we need to grasp is the connection between the dream and reality. When we dream, reasoning is oftentimes suspended in order to allow the unbiased solution of the problem which can be applied in reality and come into resolution. Dreams have its own story line filled with symbolic figures but always, they represent something in connection with what’s going on with our lives, present and past.

Human dreams are based on what we’re thinking whether we’re fully aware or not. A thought when entertained can manifest in our dreams. So for example, if we fantasize about something or someone, even we dismiss it as it’s too much to wish for, still it creeps in our minds and would come up in our dreams. We dream of what we think strongly and repeatedly in our present realities.

Example in Interpreting a Human Dream:

Let’s have an example on a dream I just had last night…

It looked like I was in a high school seminary because there was a dormitory upstairs and downstairs were rooms where the teachers were priests. But I also felt it was in a university for the students looked like they resembled a matured typical college student.

I think it was the time for our home visit. (Home visit is used to call for seminarians to visit one’s family which occurs once a month. It starts from Friday afternoon and everyone should be back by Sunday evening).

I packed my things (clothes, shoes and other personal effects) in a luggage. Then I went downstairs in our classroom to see if there were things I’d bring. When I came back to our dormitory, my luggage was gone. I was intensely angry on who could do this to me. I couldn’t believe that a thief could exist in a seminary. So I immediately went to one of the priests to complain with the hope I can recover my things. I couldn’t take if they would be lost for they worth a lot of money which I don’t have anything more to replace. I expressed my disgust to the priest but he didn’t give me full attention for he was having a class. It was weird because all of a sudden, the classroom is filled with college students sitting on chairs arranged in a stairway. It looked like it was a small auditorium inside a university campus.

What he did was to step out from his class for a while and had a meeting with someone I couldn’t identify. After, he told me something that he couldn’t do anything about it. The more I got furious making my blood rise until I was awakened.

…So that’s a human dream of mine. Let’s analyze it. I have an unresolved issue which is financial. Although, I have a job but my salary is not enough to pay my debts. Because of this, I tend to be disturbed and worried, thus, making me not happy anymore. So I’ve been asking myself on what should I do and how I can make myself happy. I wanted to look for another job which pays more but I’m afraid to go for it as I don’t know exactly if I can make more money there compared to what I earn presently. Because of this thought which I’ve been entertaining…it manifested in my dream last night.

Actually, I was a seminarian and was a philosophy student in a university. The things in my luggage represent my properties right now. Leaving it represent my desire to look for another source of income. Finding out my stolen luggage represent my fear of loss if I risk of leaving my current job in order to look for another. As you can observe, there’s no solution presented within my dream. The priest didn’t even care. The priest represent an authority which we look up to. So that could be our superior, our boss, or someone whom we hope who could help us. But in my dream, I was upset that I couldn’t even rely and trust our priests in the seminary.

Now here’s the most interesting part of an intense dream. The solution can’t be found within the dream but it’s in the moment you wake up. When I woke up, I was so greatly relieved that it was just a dream and that I didn’t lose anything including my family. Because in my dream, I thought I lost everything but in reality, I have everything, although not much. What I mean…I have food, shelter, clothing, job, and importantly, a family that I belong (my wife and my two sons). Remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in psychology?

Not only I realized that I didn’t lose anything, I also was instantly enlightened of an answer to my two questions. What should I do? I should keep doing what I do. Not resign from my present job, continue working on my self-published book and continue holding my spiritual discussions with my group, “Ang Giya.” How I can make myself happy? I’m the one who can make myself happy for happiness is within. It’s how I look at things going on with my life and do something about it. For what I presently have is all that I have which I can make the best out of it.

So that’s how I interpreted my dream. It makes a lot of sense for me.


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