Does God Continue to Reveal Himself to Human Beings?

Yes. Why not? Since we’re created in God’s image and likeness, it’s just right that He talks to us personally just like a father conversing with his son or daughter. Virtually, there’s no difference at all.

From the history as written in the holy scriptures, God spoke to notable individuals like Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. I’m sure there are many others who are not known who had direct experiences with God when they experienced conversations in different ways.

To make the long story short, anyone can receive words coming from God in what we call, Revelation. However, there’s a process involved which is a common experience shared by the recipients. First, there’s a longing for meaning in life. A person feels empty and searches for the truth not from external sources but from within. Second, the longing persists in a time which can’t be measured. Sometimes, it’s intense and sometimes, it’s low but it doesn’t leave. Third, the person cultivates a sense of solitary silence and meditation, turning away most of the time from talking to other people. Fourth, all of a sudden, without expectation, the person experiences for the first time an event of what we call, Mysticism.

Those are the four basic stages but the process doesn’t end.


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