What’s the Reason of God Creating Humans?

God created the human beings because He just wants to play a game. Human life is just a game. There are rules to follow. For us to win, we just have to live without fear. And when it happens consistently until we die, God, Himself, will cut the repetitive cycles of reincarnation and invite us to finally rejoin with Him in Heaven where there is perfect joy and peace without end.

The key in winning the game is to live in unconditional love which is expressed in kindness and forgiveness no matter what others do to us. Unless we do this, we will reincarnate again and again which will make our lives in earth like hell.

When we were in Heaven with God as Energy, we didn’t know what happiness is. When we became human, we experience sadness and pain. When we’re back in Heaven, we would see the big difference where we experience bliss, a supreme kind of happiness which is fully appreciated because it’s way beyond and greater than the fleeting happiness we had in earth.


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