What is the Beginning of Time?

“What is the beginning of time? You have to know first, ‘What is time?’

“Time is when you decided to create the universe.”

“That is all?”

“That’s all that I could think of, my Lord?”

“Well, that is it. You got it right. There is no need to add if you cannot think of any. So how did that definition came to your thought?”

“It just flashed.”

“It just flashed… Of course, it just flashed. Two things: ‘It flashed’ because you already knew this before in one of your previous lives.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, my child. Second, ‘It flashed’ because that was how I created the universe. I just flashed it. Imagine a magician that with a snap of his fingers, there appeared suddenly a rabbit. Voilà!

“That’s amusing!”

“It is…because I had fun in creating the solar system, stars, space, matter, living things, non-living things, humans and anything that you can think of. But take note on this. Before the creation, there is only energy.”

“And that’s you!”

“There you go. Simple as that.”


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