Mabuhay ka, Ma!

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When I was in elementary, you never failed to show up during the distribution of our cards. Although, I wasn’t the number one in class, you always held my hand while your head was up high. I felt you were proud of me and that was all I needed.

When I was in high school, every time I felt sad and lonely, you used to tell me, “Bong, it’s just your feelings. Don’t think about it too much.” So I followed your advise and indeed, I was just fine.

When I got to College, whatever I told you, you trusted my word. Sometimes I lied in order to conceal my mistakes yet still you believed in me.

When I first got employed and was sent out of town, you told me to always pray and call on my guardian Angel. And so I did and all along I went unharmed.

When I ran away from home, you never stopped to look for me until I was found. I felt like I had to go back because there was you who needed me the most. And so there’s a reason to go on with my life.

When I got married, you were with me, holding tight my hand in the chapel. Your touch seemed to feel like the same when I was in elementary. You never changed. Your love for me is still the same as if I’m still your little child.

For so many times, I fell into sin yet you saw the goodness deep within me in spite of.

Unlike sons of other families, I got no money to buy you things you want. Instead, you reached out your hand to fill up my pocket. That hand again…

All I could offer is to take your hand and place it to my forehead and say, “Ma!”

Sorry if that’s not enough but behind the word, Ma, is my love and respect for you. Hopefully, you will fully appreciate it in the right order of time.

I love you, Ma. You’re a person of smile like telling us, “Everything’s gonna be ok.”

You’re a being of youth, somehow reminding us, “Take it easy. Have fun!”

You’re a woman of endurance as you silently send a message, “I can bear the pain as long as you’re alright.”

Mabuhay ka, Ma! More years to come for you as I can’t get enough holding your hand.


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