My Dad

This morning, I overheard my mom advising dad to take more rest. She said he can’t do those things anymore when he can hire someone to do the job. She must be referring to his climbing at our roof and repainting it. I heard his reply. It went something like this: “Your body will easily get tired and wearied if you’re just sitting down all the time.”

By March, my dad will turn 82 yet he’s constantly on the move, trying to check on what needs to be repaired and done in the house. There were times when I saw him carrying a long heavy ladder. I felt guilty on why I wasn’t able to help him right away.

One afternoon when I stared at him at the top of our coconut tree. I was thinking, “My God! Look at my dad! What can I say? I should be the one doing that. What’s in his mind right now? Is he complaining about his sons who never followed his footsteps as a marine engineer? Has he ever been proud of me? I’ve never accomplished great things in my life. I should be the one financially providing my parents. But anyway, I still have time. I’m just 45. But I should have insisted to him that I should be up there, getting those coconut fruits. But the question is… Do I know how to do it?”


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