My Wife

Been around there and everywhere. Searching for the truth has been a quest all throughout my life. Met different people of different races and culture in the pursuit to experience what happiness really is. Then I crossed my path with you. On the middle of a hallway, we talked for hours. Right in front of me was the single person whom I never thought could put an end to my search.

I took you into my arms. Trust and love you surrendered yourself unto me, hoping I’d be your knight and shining armor. Willingly everything you gave for me that almost nothing was left for you. Not just once nor twice, I fell and sinned against you. Unconditional love was a phrase I didn’t believe until you demonstrated it to me.

I hope this letter would reach you before the sun sets. Whatever may happen to me, I want you to know again and again, I’ve truly loved you. From the first time I uttered, I love you at the beach to a text I sent this early morning, all I dreamed is you and me together with our children, joyful and peaceful, walking through the green grass, breathing fresh air through a cool breeze from the gentle sun.

Would you still walk with me, hold my hand in spite of my infirmities? Or would it be the other way around? Future is not under our control. The present is all that matters. The past was painful. Fault is on me ever. What can I do? I can only come back to you. Returning home in your warm soft embrace is all I know where I realize I’m nothing but a life extension from your heart.

Envy lurks in me. Financial abundance is theirs to enjoy while my struggle seems endless just to make ends meet. Know that I’m doing my best but I guess I’m just not good enough with anything my hands are placed. Change is everywhere but not in you. You never change. Still you love me. Where do you come from? Are you a masterpiece from our Creator? Pure lover, genuine friend, selfless mother. Deep inside, a wounded healer and pained giver all done to nourish others’ needs.

I can’t thank you enough, Myts. Saying I love you seems not enough anymore. Touching your face as I gently kiss you and never letting you go is all I can do.

Please allow me to continually put my hand on your shoulder.

The day will come when we can’t walk anymore. Let’s just sleep then, forever side by side, holding tight each others’ hands.


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