Teresa and Chris

Once upon a time, there was a female fetus who was talking to God.

“My Lord! This is really not comfortable here. I can’t even fully stretch my legs!”

“My child, be patient. Few minutes from now, you will be out and you can kick or box anyone as often as you want.”

“You said that to me when I was in the womb of a Chinese woman in my previous lifetime but when I was born, I forgot I kicked my own mother in her face. I even bit her nipples to her pain and anger. She can’t blame me because I didn’t know exactly what I was doing. All I knew when I felt something, I had to express it in actions not fully aware if I hurt someone. That’s weird! That was the only thing I can remember.”

“That’s stage one of human growth. From there, after a couple of years, you learned to use your mind and heart where you were mindful of how others feel. Because when they got hurt, you got hurt too. Right?”

“That’s right. But how come I have to relearn that again? Can’t I just remember everything when I’ll be born again when I’m out from this womb?

“No. That is in violation to the rule of the game. For now, I cannot answer your question. I will reveal the answer when you are ready.”

(Excerpts from Teresa & Chris)


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