Every time there’s a news about the conflict between races and religion like what happened in New Zealand last Friday, I feel like this isn’t gonna end. It may always be like this and there’s not much we can do about it.

However, I remain hopeful that with this little book, it might help in solving this immemorial conflict.



Desire is the Cause of Suffering

Desire is present in every person. We are born with many desires and as we age, the lesser we have. Some we let go while some we hold on until we die.

However, desire is the cause why we suffer. So some religious groups try to renounce it while some live their lives without it at all.

It’s been said that a desire which is unfulfilled will haunt you forever. So you have to fulfill it so later in life, it wouldn’t be so hard to let it go. But what if your desire can never be fulfilled for whatever reason it may be. That’s where you must learn to let it go and realize you can live without it.

Why Things Happen?

Things happen because of no reason at all. It occurs to anyone at random. Sickness or accident may come to anyone out of pure mystery. It’s just the way it is that life operates out of pure chance. Whether you’re a sinner or a saint, fortune or misfortune chooses no one. Cause and effect does not apply.

On the other hand, things happen for a reason. Cause and effect will always be the underlying factor in every event. If you get sick, that’s because you did something unhealthy to your body. If you were involved in an accident, it was probably because you were not careful. It’s always you, you and you. If it can’t be traced by your actions in this present lifetime, then it could be in your previous life. Thus, believing in reincarnation is inevitable. The law of karma is upheld.

The question is… Which do I subscribe? I go for the second because it satisfies the human mind’s quest for answers. Satisfaction may not be full and complete but at least the attempt is there to solve life’s mysteries. This is better than leaving your life out of pure chance which you have no control.

I’m Proud of You, my Son

My son, my beloved son, as days go by, the more I’m amazed of you.

I realize more than ever before that you’re truly a good person no matter what the circumstances are. No matter what the external forces are, deep within, you remain the same as what I’ve known you since you were a small boy.

You are still pure in your thoughts without any malice nor ill intention. You are still kind and compassionate and all you want is to make your parents proud and happy.

Now that you’re fully grown up with a life on your own, you still choose to be with us. You still choose to share your earnings with us. You haven’t thought about building your own family for you must have realized that still being with us, there’s no better family out there.

I love you, my son. Getting to know you more makes me love you more.

You said that you want to continue sharing the fruits of your labor with us because it makes you happy. Helping us is giving you a profound fulfillment. You said you’re not obliged. There’s no burden from your end. It’s just your own free will simply because it’s making you happy.

I said you have to set aside part of your earnings for yourself. You have to spend it in whatever would make you happy. You can buy things, gadgets or treat your girlfriend in a fine restaurant. But you said we are your priority.

You touch me, my son. You touch me so deep. I don’t know if there are many sons like you in other families. All I know is I’m so blessed you’re my son.

I’m so proud of you. I’m very sorry of my sins, mistakes and shortcomings. I just fell short of my love for you yet you never change in loving me, your mom and your brother.

To be honest, I’ve never been proud of myself. I haven’t achieved great things in life which I can show it to you for you to emulate me. Anyway, it doesn’t matter now. What matters is I’m so proud of you. But I’m sorry for I haven’t been able to show how proud I am of you during those moments when you needed someone to share your achievements during your school days. But know that it pains me severely for making you cry because of my faults and shortcomings.

I’m sorry, my son, I’m just like this. I’m just a mediocre. In the past, I was worse than a mediocre. In spite of that, I’m confident you won’t be like me.

When you were an infant, I had an intuition you are destined to be great. In my present observation, my intuition is proving me right. No matter what I did and who I am as a father, you will still walk that path towards greatness.

I’m not anymore in the illusion of becoming great myself. I’m getting old, although I still work hard. I can only be great once you fully reach your highest potential which I know you will. When that happens, my time in this world might be done.

My greatest fulfillment is to see you succeed and having all your noblest dreams come true.

I love you, my son. How I wish you can feel my love more. How I wish you can feel more how proud I am of you. And how I wish you would realize that you and your brother are the greatest gifts that God had given me into my life.

You Really Don’t Have True Friends

If you are on the right side, don’t be afraid to fight back. Fight in a non violent way. Fight in order to send a message that you can’t be crushed down.

Let them know you’re not stupid. God gave you the gift of intellect. Use it to protect your own welfare. God gave you the gift of free will. Use it to assert that you are no one’s slave.

Remember this. You are only loyal to one thing. That is your own family. You may transfer from one company to the other but you hold your family still in your life. Your spouse and offspring are your priority. If their needs are compromised, be ready to look for another company which would better serve them.

In this world of competition, survival of the fittest and self-interest, you really don’t have true friends. Your only true friends who would be there even in your trying times, would be your family.

If you don’t have one, it must be your highest pursuit.

Thank you, My God

God, I know my child is on the process of getting healed completely and so I sincerely thank you.

I trust in your unconditional goodness and love. More than any science and medicines, I rely in your mysterious power, working inside my child’s body and mind.

I’ve already done my part. The doctor has already done his part as well. And I’m left to surrender my hands unto you. You, who created everything… You, who’s the architect of the universe… You, who has all power over us, I entrust my child to you.

Having said that, I’m at peace. Everything is gonna be alright then. Thank you, my God.

I Love You

I love you and there’s nothing more i could say except i love you. I may repeat it several times and say it in a different way but still it’s the same message. I can only give out the reasons why i love you. The reason is that you make my life worth living.

If i don’t love you, a big part of who i am is lost. If i don’t love you, there’s no more meaning in my life. So i have to love you not because i literally have to, but because it’s what makes me complete.

Above all, i love you because you’re the most valuable i have in my life. Without you, i don’t know if i have something i can be proud of. Without you, i don’t know if i can ever be truly happy in this world.

What is The Truth?

The Truth. Search for it. Don’t stop until you know and taste the truth.

DSC03456 (4)

Truth is highly personal. For it to be genuine, it must be discovered by oneself, no one else. For it to last forever, it must be coming from within. The greatest truths are all found around you. You don’t have to travel from one place to the other. You don’t even have to open your physical eyes. You don’t even have to move a foot away. It’s all within you. Search, continue, persist and patiently wait for the right time.

You may say you haven’t yet discovered the truth but I say, you will, someday. Definitely, you won’t find it outside but inside of you. No one knows when, not even you. Without your expectation, you mind and spirit will be opened up suddenly to absorb all the greatest truths in the universe. When that finally happens, you will understand and the rest will follow.

Let your search go on towards the discovery of those truths. Let your thoughts lead to them. Walk to the path towards a destination which we will achieve someday. Others may have their own roads. Anyhow, the destination is one, same and universal. Others may get there later. Others will be ahead from the rest. It doesn’t matter. We will arrive there in one way or the other.

Spiritual Evolution has Begun

You feel alone and it seems you are different from the majority. It’s what comes out from you naturally. You try hard to force yourself to go with the flow of other people but at the end of the day, you get drained. It’s because you are acting out in contradiction of who you really are. You are not speaking and not doing of who you truly are.

Rowing in the lake

Oftentimes, you laugh when the situation expects you to laugh. You say and do on what’s expected from you. The general public is doing it and so you do it also as it’s required from the society you belong to. However, the real you just comes out. You can hear the loud cries of your soul as it’s trying to assert on what it wants to happen. Your mind would break up if your innermost thoughts are not heard. You are just so exhausted of living a life that’s controlled by external forces. You are now fed up with the usual system. It’s always this or that and not this or that.

You ask yourself, “What about what I strongly and consistently feel? What about what I personally think? What about my intuitions? What about my truth? What about the messages of my experiences? You must have said, “This is too much! Enough is enough! There must be another way. There must be another alternative.”

I say your spirit is starting to evolve. It has finally opened its eyes after a long slumber. Spiritual evolution has begun…

Emptiness, Destiny and Love

Life is empty. It has no meaning. Living day by day is but a reality which just occurs. It is as it is. If I die, then I die. If I continue to live, then I live. If I get lucky, it’s just only by chance or pure random. If I don’t, then it’s just the way it is.


I see things in this world as void. People laugh. They get together but behind all is nothing. The truth is… There’s no happiness nor sadness at all. There’s no good nor bad. When you peel off anything, what you see is pure neutrality. Living day by day as if there’s no tomorrow.

On the other side of the story, everything that happens is destiny. Whatever that occurs right now is the product of our past dominant thoughts and decisions. Everyone is responsible to what’s going on in our lives in one way or the other. The present is simply the by-product of the past. The future is the result of our ongoing interaction with the current situation. Sometimes, the future can be viewed through our dreams. When we wake up, we will know what’s going to happen in the near future if we’re able to decode the symbols presented and what we felt during our dreams.

After emptiness and destiny, there’s the third one which purifies the two, thus, becomes, the most powerful reality. And that’s love. Love uncovers emptiness and brings out the wonders in life. Love breaks the chains of karmic reactions in destiny. It changes the course of destiny in the present situation towards the path of one’s highest desire in freeing humanity’s long standing suffering from ignorance and slavery. A slavery of man-made laws and beliefs…

The message of love is unconditional kindness without any anger nor revenge. It wishes only goodness to everyone. Forgiveness is the dominant dictate of the heart. Compassion is the overflow of its emotions.